Guide to creating a perfect backyard gym

Working out from the comfort of your home instead of going to the gym sounds like a dream come true. Sadly, not all of us have a spare room to convert into exercise heaven nor the extra space for all the equipment we need. When the lack of indoor space hits us, rarely anyone dares to think about the abundance of it we have outside – in the garden. But could we utilize it somehow? Is creating a perfect backyard gym even a thing? It sure is! And it’s a great project to tackle to ensure you get both your daily dose of exercise and vitamin D!

Creating a perfect backyard gym: The ultimate guide

Dedicating your garden area to working out is a great way to avoid committing to lengthy and overly expensive gym memberships. Not to mention the added convenience of working out whenever you feel like it, any time of day or night. Plus, there is no more worrying about what you are going to wear. Even underwear is permissible! As long as your backyard is shielded from the sight of prying neighbors, that is.

We all know how healthy exercising is, but not all of us can find the will to make ourselves partake in it. Perhaps, it’s the monotony – doing the same movements over and over again while staring at a blank wall. At least, that’s what happens when you work out at the local gym. Luckily, there are just as effective ways to do this at home! Or actually, in your yard. And guess what, home exercises are anything but bleak! Nature and the fresh air surrounding you are sure to get you in the mood to finally get your sweat on!

So, without further ado, let’s see just how you can transform your garden into a workout paradise!

First, dedicate a space for the outdoor gym

The size of your backyard dictates how much space your new gym is going to occupy. It shouldn’t extend over the whole garden, of course! There must be some room left for gatherings or straight-up relaxing.

When in the business of creating a perfect backyard gym, it’s worth noting that you have two options. You can either leave it out in the open, uncovered, or set it up in a covered area.

The open-air concept, while certainly fun, doesn’t provide your equipment with any protection against sun and rain. However, in no way does that mean you shouldn’t opt for it if you wish. Not at all! It just means that if you value your exercising gear, you’ll have to store it someplace else and use the uncovered area solely for working out.

Should you wish to transform your patio – or part of it – into a workout station, it’s best if it remains covered. It’s even better if your backyard has a gazebo, a shed, or another shielded garden structure you can use instead! By setting up shop inside of one of these, sweat-sessions will be possible even while it’s raining cats and dogs. In addition, all of these will provide enough space for weights, machinery, etc.

A gazebo adorned with white curtains and ambient lighting 
Caption: Converting the existing gazebo is an option when thinking about incorporating an outdoor gym into your backyard.
Alt-tag: A gazebo adorned with white curtains and ambient lighting

What kind of equipment to go with – stationary or portable?

Should you go with stationary gear or opt for equipment you can move around freely? The answer to this question largely depends on the type of gym you decide on making – covered or uncovered.

If you prefer taking part in yoga, Pilates, or aerobics in the open air, portable gear is probably more of your thing. On the other hand, if you like lifting or doing cardio on a treadmill or a stationary bike, regular, not as easy to move, equipment might work better.

But how about those exercising contraptions we see in parks and local outdoor gyms? Could those make their way into your garden? Certainly! You can even DIY some of them! Climbing frames, pull-up bars, and various other pieces could be great semi-permanent additions to your yard that adults and kids alike can both have fun with. As a bonus, they don’t necessarily require covering and should withstand a harsher climate.

If money is an issue, or perhaps, you just like using the things you already have at your disposal, making your own portable gym equipment is also possible. While rope could be an excellent substitute for factory-made jump rope, sandbags and tires could prove just right for strength training.

A father and a son who are about to exercise 
Caption: Playground-like contraptions provide tons of fun for both adults and children.
Alt-tag: A father and son who are about to exercise

Flooring options

While creating a perfect backyard gym, you’ll have to decide on the right flooring. Ask yourself – what is my floor going to absorb? Is it weight or, perhaps, sweat?

If your home gym includes hefty equipment, going with foam isn’t the wisest choice as it won’t endure under the weight. Similarly, carpets and sweat are known foes, and the former is bound to soak up the unpleasant smell sooner than you may think.

Patios paved with stones are great non-slip surfaces for working out that can also function as aesthetically pleasing additions to the yard. For more cushioning, consider upgrading to rubber mulch or mats.

A grass lawn is also one of the flooring choices, but not the one most convenient for exercising. To avoid tripping yourself over it or getting covered with mud after a rainy day, going with artificial grass instead is highly recommended.

Other things to consider

Once you’ve dedicated a space for your gym, chosen the equipment and flooring, it’s time to consider a couple of more things. Privacy, for one, is essential, especially if you don’t enjoy having eyes fixated on you while working out. This can easily be solved by adding a fence. Then, there is also the problem of proper lighting. Most of us like working out either during the early morning or late night, both times of day with inadequate natural lighting. Consider incorporating a wall fixture or a few close to your exercising station for a simple fix.

We hope our guide to creating a perfect backyard gym has finally helped you make up your mind about setting up one. Now is the time to actually do it! Decorate it however you feel like it, incorporate personal touches, and make it your own. Entirely!

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