my photoOur homes are so often a reflection of our personal lives: tidy, minimalist interiors usually indicate an organised, calm person whereas eclectic interiors can be a sign of a busy, chaotic mind. Of course, there are all the levels in between too. But whatever sort of home you have let it reflect your personality; there is nothing worse than a room copied straight out of a design magazine with no injection of personal style.

Many people copy tried and trusted designs because they lack confidence in their own ideas, but with so many places for inspiration online it is easier than ever to create a room with an individual style. So be (a little bit) daring and create a home that is truly unique.

We hope some of the tips, advice and ideas on our blog will help you to develop your inner interior design guru. And if you have any tips of your own or photos of your individual style in practice we would love to see them – you can contribute to Decor Blogging here.