How To Make Your Garden More Zen

Find out how to make your garden more zen and serene so you can enjoy your own little slice of the outdoors more.

Throughout the pandemic many of us only had access to our gardens for outdoor time. This may have made you realise just how precious this little slice of nature really is, and how much of an important aspect of your home it is.

If you’re looking to improve your garden to enjoy it even more in the future, you may want to make it more zen. This means making it the optimum space for relaxation and recharging, which is exactly how it should be.

garden zen

To help you get a serene, zen garden that contributes to your wellbeing, consider the following:

Declutter The Space

We often think about decluttering the home, but the garden can be just as cluttered over time. An initial decluttering should involve removing anything broken and old, like ornaments, plant pots and other useless items. You can then look to place anything that is off season, like toys and furniture out in the winter, into cheap self storage. This will clear space and give the garden a neater look.

You may also want to use your cheap self storage unit to store large garden tools in the winter to keep them protected from freezing temperatures.

Once you have decluttered the belongings in your garden you should look at decluttering dead or unwanted plants. This will help you to see your gardens true potential.

Make Your Garden More Manageable

One thing that makes a garden stressful is when it is unmanageable. Maybe the lawn is on a slope and it is a nightmare to mow it. Perhaps the shrubs are fast growing and you can’t keep up with them in summer. Whatever causes you stress in that garden – remove it. If you don’t want to remove it, have a gardener make it more manageable for you by cutting it right down, or even maintaining it regularly for you for a small price.

Bring In The Nature

Just because a garden is outdoors doesn’t mean that nature will automatically come. Nature, like bees, birds and lush plants all help us feel more serene and in touch with the environment so it is worth making the effort to bring them to the garden. Container planting is a great way to do this with a small garden. In bigger gardens; wildflower patches, bird baths and feeders, veggie patches and more can fill your garden with all kinds of beautiful plants, produce and critters.

Make It Comfortable

It is hard to feel relaxed in a garden that you can’t be comfortable in. Adding cushioned seating, shade and even a heated patio can help you feel more comfortable outside, and therefore more relaxed.

Make Some Memories Out There

One of the best ways to give a space a really beautiful, happy vibe is to make happy memories in it. Whether you have more picnics out there with the kids, or spend an evening watching the stars under blankets with your partner, filling the space with wonderful memories can only contribute to how zen it feels to you.

“Life begins the day you start a garden.” – Old Chinese Proverb

Our tips above can help you to have a garden that is serene, zen and supportive to your wellbeing. It’s your own little outdoor space so it’s worth protecting and enhancing, especially if the adjustments it takes to improve it are easy to achieve.

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