Monthly Archive: May 2011

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Have to Get Rid of that Carpet in the Bathroom

It still amazes me that so many people live with carpet on their bathroom floor and even sometimes (like in my new house) the carpet runs up the side of the bath panel. It just seems so un-hygienic. I am all for warmth, comfort and luxury but there are better ways of achieving this in a bathroom than using fitted carpet. Ceramic or porcelain tiles for one with underfloor heating. And even if underfloor heating is not an option – maybe because of the construction of your home or simply lack of budget – a ceramic or porcelain tiled floor is relatively inexpensive, will last for years and years and you can always put a large mat down in the winter if it really is too cold under foot. But remember that floor tiles, and particularly natural stone will settle at the ambient temperature of the surroundings so providing the bathroom is adequately heated the tiles will never get too cold and you can always wear a pair of slippers!