Gazebos – Outdoor Entertaining Spaces for Your Garden

If you are lacking a decent outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment or your garden is looking a little dated then of the most popular up and coming trends in garden design is to erect a wooden gazebo. This is because not only do they provide an excellent focal point to your property they are also really functional and as such prove to be great value for money.

In fact if you need more dining and entertaining space or simply somewhere dry for the kids to play then they are a really sensible option (given the fact an extension to your home would cost far more to gain the same amount of space). Now granted a gazebo won`t add the same value to your property however the can still be turned into a really pleasant environment in which to spend time with a little imagination and some attention to detail.

What is a Wooden Gazebo?

Primarily designed to provide shade from the sun and shelter from the rain a wooden gazebo comes in many shapes, sizes and designs ranging from the simple open sided design with a pyramid type roof through to elaborate octagonal designs that feature decorative handrails, trellis panels and glazed window panels.

Depending on the size of the structure, its layout and general internal space most gazebos are easily capable of seating between 4-12 people with ease making them an extremely effective alfresco dining area free from the sun and rain. In addition to this they are also increasing in popularity as a canopy for a garden hot tub or outdoor bar area making them a great party venue or place to spend a warm summer evening. In addition if side walls are added and the addition of an outdoor heater or wood burning stove is utilized they can be just as effective entertaining space during the colder winter months.

More Cost Effective than an Extension

When purchased in a kit form a wooden gazebo requires no specialist skills to assemble yet will provide lots of usable space for you, your family and your friends. With all the parts pre cut to length you simply work in a methodical manner connecting all the components until the structure is fully built. This means that if even you are a novice DIYer you should be able to complete the build process in only a couple of days (compared to a number of weeks for an extension to be built).

gazebo in the back garden

A Design for any Garden

Manufactured from long lasting pressure treated timber to ensure an extended lifespan a wooden gazebo will blend with any garden design. For example if you have a cottage style garden a traditional hexagonal design will blend in extremely well (especially if decorative trellis panels are added). In comparison if you have a more contemporary garden design a more suitable option is an open sided structure as these have a much less ornate appearance.


In addition to the design of the structure another popular trend is to cover the roof using felt or cedar shingles (as opposed to just roofing felt) as not only does it provide better levels of protection against water ingress but will also give a far superior appearance.

What Costs are involved?

Other than the initial purchase price of the structure there are very little other costs you may incur provided an existing hard standing such as a patio is already in place on which to build the structure as a firm a level base will be required to stop the structure moving and twisting over time. As such with prices starting from only a couple of hundred pounds they are well within the realms of the average homeowners budget and as a result are predicted to be a very popular home improvement project for 2017.

What about Planning Permission?

In most instances applying for planning permission will not be required as a gazebo can be classed as a temporary structure and as such can be dismantled at any time however it is always advisable to check with the relevant planning authority prior to making a purchase or completing any building work just to be sure.

In closing, the installation of a wooden gazebo will provide you and your family with years of memorable outdoor entertaining experiences. Easy to install, cost effective to purchase and as attractive as they are practical will not only add a great statement to your garden but will also prove to be an enjoyable place to spend time.

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