Innovative Ideas to Create Extra Space

Hand on heart, can you honestly say you have enough space in your home for all your belongings? It seems that no matter how big a house you live in there is always a distinct lack of space. If you are constantly opening cupboards to have things fall out on you, have drawers that are difficult to open because they are too full or simply feel there is no room in your home then maybe you need to look at some clever ways in which you can create extra space to help solve the problem.

Under stairs cupboard

Whether you have the luxury of a large under stairs storage area or something smaller there is a good chance you are not using it to its full potential. It is a great idea to fit storage solutions into the space to help you maximise your storage capacity. With a larger space, you might be able to tackle this yourself with some hand shelving units cut down to size and fitted against one wall but if the space is smaller or DIY is not your thing then getting someone in to do the job can be very worthwhile. Once you have proper drawer’s cupboards or shelves in your under-stair area it will really feel like you have created a fair bit of extra space and the bonus is that everything can be put away neatly out of sight.

Don’t hide everything away

Cupboards, especially in your kitchen, can take up a lot of space and are often bigger than they need to be and rather imposing. Open shelves can offer a great alternative to storing some of your essentials and can even make them a bit of a feature in your kitchen. Consider storing your crockery on open shelves or maybe some nice storage jars be creative and add a really unique design element to your kitchen that will also help it seem like you have more space.

Take a look at your bedroom

If you already have a divan bed, then there is a good chance you are cashing in on all that extra storage space. However, if your bedside cabinets are too close to some of the drawers and you struggle to open them then you may be losing out. There are plenty of different beds on the market with built-in space that can really be a feature in your room so look around. Whether you choose a wooden based bedframe that is a little higher and incorporates extra storage drawer and shelf space around the base or an ottoman style storage bed that lift from the end or the side to expose a large storage space underneath, creating more storage space in your bedroom is an easy task.

Bookshelves are also a great way to add space, if the space you want them for isn’t a standard size and you are not very good at DIY then get a local company in to build something into the space. This will ensure that it fits perfectly and gives you maximum storage space. Remember bookshelves don’t have to be just for books!

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