Winter Is A Great Time To Add A New Patio: Here’s Why…

Find out about the benefits of adding a new patio to your home in winter rather than waiting for spring or summer.

Patios are gorgeous additions to a home, providing a grass free space to add pots and plants, to sunbathe, entertain and simply enjoy your outdoor space.

One of the main problems when initially adding a patio is the fact that when it gets warm and dry enough to add one, you have already lost so much time to enjoy it. So you might not get to enjoy it till the next year, which makes the whole process unnecessarily drawn out.

And, if you are sprucing up your home because you plan to sell it come spring, then you really need to get the outdoor spaces in shape well before spring arrives and the estate agents are taking their photos. Remember whether you are upsizing, downsizing, moving to a new area or relocating overseas a small investment getting your current home in tip-top shape will be worth it to add to it’s value and saleability.

So did you know that you don’t have to wait till spring or summer to install your patio? Surprisingly, winter is actually a fantastic time to build your patio, here’s why:

It Is Cheaper

Because most people are not working on their homes in winter, the cost of construction generally tends to be cheaper. That includes the labour of companies who have more availability, and the materials which could be sold off before the new materials come through for next year. Floor tiles especially may see a big drop in price, saving you lots of money.

Less Disruption To Your Garden Greenery

In summer your garden is mainly ‘sleeping’ and is cut back and more able to receive construction work than in summer. This is especially true when the autumn rain has ceased and you have frosts and hard ground to work with.

No Time Wasted

If you add your patio in winter, you may be filling time you otherwise spend near enough hibernating inside. It keeps you active and you aren’t missing out on anything aside from perhaps Christmas shopping. In summer, back-breaking construction work in the hot sun is not only gruelling, but it means you miss out on the fun everyone else is enjoying in the rare dry weather.

Ready For Summer Entertaining

By building your patio in winter, you have a space ready for summer entertaining! Somewhere to put that gorgeous garden furniture, for the barbecue and for picnics outdoors when the grass is a little worse for wear. You could even use it in winter using an outdoor gazebo or cover that you could also build and save money on during the quieter months.

You Can Plan Well In Advance

Through summer as companies sell off their garden furniture, outdoor lighting, planters, floor tiles, blankets, cushions and other patio goodies, you can buy it all knowing you’re well prepared for your winter patio building. You can also take your time designing your patio because you won’t be in a rush to have it ready to make the most of summer. This relaxed approach to construction is likely to pay off with better savings and a more practical design.

Hopefully you’re feeling much more inspired to get that patio built in winter instead of waiting until next summer. By building during the colder months, you’ll feel extremely smug sitting outside with a cold drink enjoying the first warm day of the year overlooking your new patio. You’ll know full well you won’t have to waste any precious summertime doing anything but enjoying this gorgeous outdoor space you created well ahead of time.

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