Common Mistakes Decorating Your Garden For Summer

Find out how to ensure you avoid the most common outdoor decorating mistakes so that your garden stays looking gorgeous all year-round.

Summer is an amazing time to decorate your garden because the (hopefully) dry weather ensures that your efforts don’t get immediately washed out in a downpour. You can also reap the benefits of your efforts straight away by sitting out and admiring your handiwork.

To ensure that your time and money don’t go to waste, it is important to avoid common mistakes when you decorate your garden this summer. Certain pitfalls can occur, causing issues such as a lack of practicality in the garden, the damage of garden features, or even expensive items quickly getting ruined.

Read about these common garden decorating mistakes so that you can avoid them this summer:

Being Impractical

It is important to keep it practical when you are doing anything to your garden. It doesn’t matter if it looks nice if you can’t use it properly. Always think about the practical aspects of any adjustment before you consider how it will look in your outdoor space.

Forgetting About Storage In summer when it is dry and hot it is easy to keep filling the garden with furniture and toys and accessories, then when it comes to the colder months you realise you don’t have anywhere to put everything. Cheap self storage from is a good option for seasonal items such as garden furniture. Or try other self storage companies to compare deals (see website here). However, for items you need more regular access to, you may need to rethink how to store it in the shed or garage.

Long-Term Maintenance Is Neglected

It is so easy to plant lawns, trees and shrubs without thinking about the long-term consequences. You should always think about the longevity of your garden for your own needs, but also for the energy you need to put in to keeping it looking great. A huge lawn might seem like a great idea for the kids and for picnics outside in summer, but what about the time it takes to keep mowing it every other day in peak season? The raised veggie patch and herb garden is a lovely idea in theory, but will you keep tending to the veggies and herbs when the weather isn’t so great? Think about the long-term maintenance of the garden before you make any big changes, to ensure it will work for your lifestyle all year round.

Losing Sight Of The Basics

Often we can get carried away with gorgeous summer prints and accessories, forgetting the bare bones of the garden. Before you buy any new items, or make any big changes, try clearing your garden, painting any fences or walls, giving any concrete areas a pressure wash and getting any unruly overgrowth a real trim. Once the basics are covered you’ll have a really good idea of what the garden is missing and/ or how to improve it.

Falling Victim To Impulse Buys

If there is one thing that makes any garden look ugly in Winter it is faded, dirty plastic accessories bought in summer and left outside. Impulse buys are easy to make, but they are bad for the environment and usually a waste of money long-term. Limit impulse buys if you can, and if you do make an impulse purchase, try and make it a disposable one, or a recyclable one, or at the very least, put it away in local self storage to sell or reuse again next year, before it fades and gets ruined by the weather.

The common garden decorating mistakes above are so common during the summer months, so don’t feel alone if you have already succumbed to any one of them. Thinking forward, do think carefully about any new changes to your garden, so that your investments of time and money reach far beyond the warmer months.

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