Best Places to Travel for Interior Design Inspiration

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For many, travel is an essential source of inspiration. It can impact your taste in food, music, style, and even interior design. Exploring new cities and cultures is a surefire method to reinvigorate any creative brain if you’re out of ideas. Travelling allows you to step out of what you’re used to and open yourself up to new experiences. So, if you’re itching for inspiration, maybe it’s time to pack your bags and drastically change your surroundings. To help you out, we have combined a list of some of the best places to travel for interior design inspiration. We hope this article helps you find the perfect destination you’re searching for!

Barcelona, Spain

When it comes to architectural inspiration, Barcelona is a no-brainer. With Park Guell and other Gaudi marvels looming at practically every turn, you’re bound to get inspired by this city. What’s going on behind the city’s magnificent facades also cannot be ignored. The city offers an innovative mix of artistic, traditional, and futuristic interior and architectural design at every corner. From ultra-modern restaurants to more low-key venues with classic Spanish touches, there’s something for everyone. 

Copenhagen, Denmark

Contemporary design in Copenhagen reflects the slick, minimalist aesthetic of the mid-20th century. If you’re into minimalist decor, this city is probably already on your list of places to travel to for interior design inspiration. After your visit, you’ll leave Copenhagen utterly intoxicated by its refined style, wishing to completely remodel your home to achieve the same luxurious yet sleek look. There are plenty of ways you can accomplish this on a smaller scale, perhaps by bringing Scandi style into your kitchen, for starters. However, Copenhagen is not all about Scandinavian, minimalistic decor. If you know where to look, this medieval city can provide a breathtaking array of design variations.


New Orleans, USA

New Orleans has a rich and deep history, with numerous cultures blending to create a distinct look that distinguishes this vibrant US metropolis. Nothing is improper given the city’s mix of French, Spanish, African, Haitian backgrounds. Even crumbling plaster can be used as a decorative element here. Most people envision outside spaces with cast-iron railings and verdant, secluded courtyards when they think of New Orleans homes. Those features are lovely, but New Orleans interiors are also very unique. For example, elegant French antique furniture is commonly seen in New Orleans homes, whether inherited from the city’s first inhabitants or just as a nod to the city’s French history. Elaborate chandeliers are also a frequent decoration in this area, along with various religious artifacts. It all adds to a one-of-a-kind style that you can only find in New Orleans.

Marrakech, Morocco

As one of the top travel destinations for interior design inspiration, Marrakech offers something genuinely unique. It’s said that Marrakech is a place that touches all your senses. Everything about this city is inspiring, from the vivid colors of buildings and the noises of the streets to the smells of street food and the taste of local cuisine. Some of the truly unique home decorations Marrakech offers that you can find on every corner are hand-painted ceramic bowls and hand-woven colorful rugs. Use these truly unique bowls to add a pop of color to your house. Moreover, throw a colorful rug in your living room to make your home feel cozy for the winter.


New York, USA

For so long, New York City has been a leader in the international art and design community that it is easy to take it for granted when considering where to go for a design-centric vacation. There is always something fresh to see with so much new development, especially in the last decade. If you haven’t yet hiked the Highline, this is the best time to do so. This garden-lined promenade, built atop raised, abandoned railroad lines, begins on Manhattan’s Lower West Side and ends at the now-completed Hudson Yards. If this doesn’t fill you with inspiration, we don’t know what will.

Tips for NYC newcomers

New York City is a tough city to navigate, even if you’ve been there before. The crowds, the noises, the lights – although magical and inspiring, it can get overwhelming at times. If it’s your first time visiting, you’ll need all the help and advantage that you can get. So, if you decide to live here, you should check out an NYC guide for newcomers. Reading the guide may not seem like much, but it can help you get to know the city a little better, at least.

Paris, France

The City of Light has long been a favorite travel destination for interior designers to find inspiration. Most people get inspiration simply by walking down the streets of Paris, just breathing in the air, eating and drinking coffee in small cafes among true locals. This beautiful city is full of art galleries and world-famous flea markets, so if you’re looking for antiques, Paris is the destination for you. Lately, more and more designers have been adding unique antique pieces into their modern designs, and it works really well. The trick is in adding subtle accent pieces that give personality to the entire room.



The last on our list of places to travel for interior design inspiration is Singapore. This city-state has much to offer to any art and design enthusiast. It is a leader in cutting-edge design and architecture, yet it also has historical appeal. Orchard Road, the city’s upscale shopping district, is worth visiting if only for its unique architecture. Emerald Hill’s residences are Chinese Baroque from the early twentieth century. On the other hand, other constructions, such as ION Orchard, which includes an art gallery, and a multi-sensory video wall, are sleek and futuristic. Another design jewel is the Kampong Glam neighborhood. It features bright murals and multi-ethnic eateries, antique stores, and coffee shops. If you’re into design, add visiting Singapore to your list if it’s not already on there.

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