4 Ways to make your house cosy for winter

Now that the nights are beginning to draw in is a good time to think about upping the cosiness factor of your home. Of course little things like turning up the heating and changing the summery fragrance in your diffuser for a warmer, spicier, scent are things we’re sure you’ll already be doing, so here are four more suggestions to keep you feeling as snug as a bug in a rug through those dark December days.

Lighten up

Winter can be a dark time. The days are short, the sun is low on the horizon (when you can see it through thick winter cloud cover) and you may only see your house in daylight at the weekend if you have to commute any distance.

Adding an extra lamp or two in the living room can make the difference between feeling dull and feeling cosy. Or for extra cosiness you could consider lighting candles to provide warmth and romance.

Cold feet?

Floors that seemed deliciously cool when it was pushing 30C outside can be uncomfortably cold now that the mercury has dropped. Not only do rugs feel warmer underfoot, they also help to insulate the room making it not just look warmer, but feel warmer too!

A new rug is also a fairly inexpensive way to change the whole look of a room, making it seem brighter as well as cosy and inviting.

Snug as a bug

No one likes going to bed cold so make sure that you don’t forget about your bedroom when looking for ways to make your house cosier. When you make the switch from summer duvet to winter thickness consider choosing new bedding in winter colours, possibly even in brushed cotton for extra snuggliness. Add some extra cushions and a nice quilt to create a snuggle space where, if it weren’t for minor details such as having to go to work, you could easily spend the whole winter in hibernation.

Check your heating

Of course no amount of lighting and blankets is going to help if you haven’t got a good system of heating. Autumn is a sensible time to get your boiler serviced to ensure a winter of faithful service. Don’t forget to bleed the radiator system to allow trapped air to escape – the boiler only heats water so radiators with air in won’t heat up properly.

If you have other forms of heating then make sure they are winter ready too. Chimneys should be swept and night-storage systems tested. If you make use of portable heaters then it can be a good idea to test them out before it gets cold so you can have them repaired and replaced if they aren’t up to scratch.

And just like your quilt keeps you warm, your house needs insulation. If you have areas you know get cold then now could be the ideal time to investigate adding more to ensure you have a cosy Christmas and warm winter.

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