Creating a bedroom for a growing teen

Teenagers can be amazing, inquiring human beings. It can be such a joy watching them grow up, become more independent and really develop into the adult they will be. They can also be notoriously fickle. This is why many parents dread the moment when it becomes time to change their bedroom from a child’s room to something that will meet the approval of a teenager.

A key thing to remember when creating a bedroom for a growing teen is that it is important to involve them fully in any decisions that are made. They are maturing, so treat that maturity with respect and ask for their opinions. Let them use this as an opportunity to express their personality and may be a fun experience.

Colour scheme

This Is always one of the first things that you will probably look at when you start creating a new environment in your home. And, it might be the first thing you and your teen clash on. Remember their opinion is as important as yours is. If they are looking at really bold colours that are likely to be something they will hate in a few month’s time, discuss the option of using something a little less bright. It doesn’t have to be boring, just toned down a little. Alternatively, you could compromise on a feature wall in their chosen colour with the rest a little more muted. Block walls of red or even black can look very sophisticated. Especially when matched with white for example.

Plenty of Shelving

Teenagers accumulate a lot of books, with school work, reading and hobbies. Make sure that their new space has plenty of shelving to help keep things where they can find them.


If they have plenty of space, then consider a desk where they can do school work away from the rest of the family. Being able to leave their work out makes it easier to come back to, something that is not always possible in other rooms in the house. Its also a great way to help them become organised, with plenty of space to work in and storage space to keep everything they need.


This is a great way to customise the walls in your teen’s room, and if you pick framed prints they are very easy replaced as their tastes change. They also offer a great way to add big splashes of colour to a room.


With a larger room, it can be a nice idea to create an area where your teen can chill out. Beanbags or big soft oversized chairs can help to create a great chill out zone where your teen can listen to music or just chill with their friends.

The most important thing to take into consideration is that some teenagers can, and do, change their minds at the drop of a hat so you might want to create a room that can be easily altered in the not too distant future,

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