How to bring Scandi style into your kitchen

With clean modern lines and natural materials Scandi style creates light, open, uncluttered spaces. All features that make for amazing kitchens that actually work as places to cook and entertain.

Key Features

Scandi style is based on the colours of the Scandinavian landscape. Think pale sky blue, muted greens and natural wood. Like tall pillars of pine forests lines are deliberately kept minimalistic with geometric forms and textures providing focal points.

Starting from scratch

If you are refitting a kitchen you’ll be able to fully embrace Scandi style with floor-to-ceiling units and recessed handles. Consider adding features such as pop-up sockets and breakfast cupboards to keep lines sleek when the kitchen isn’t being used.

Feature lighting

If you aren’t in the enviable position of having a blank slate to create your Scandi kitchen there are plenty of small ways you can bring the style ethos into your existing space. 

Scandinavian kitchens are light and bright, and with winter nights being long and dark they are masters of creating stunning lighting effects. Hanging lights are particularly fashionable at the moment and keeping shades very plain and simple is key to keeping that Scandi vibe.

Cupboards and worktops

If you intend to repaint your cupboards then choose white or near-white paint to reflect lots of light back into the room. Solid wood that is already painted can be stripped back and resealed revealing the natural beauty of the wood underneath. Replace handles with minimal designs to keep the style together. Wooden worktops are very much Scandi style, but a more practical choice could be a composite quartz or even stainless steel.


Scandinavian kitchens need to use every available surface to create that bright glow and white tiles are ideal. Avoid choosing small square tiles – instead look for hexagons, rectangles, triangles, and unusual shapes to enhance the appearance of the walls. Alternatively, copper is still trendy and could  be used to bring a bit of warmth to a cold feeling room.


Wood is the perfect choice for a Scandi kitchen and wood-topped laminate could be an cheaper way to get the full effect. Natural stone or pale tiles could be used as an alternative, which can be easier to care for in busy spaces.


The basic palette of a Scandi kitchen is muted and pastel, but you can easily cheer it up by adding a whimsical pop of colour with brightly coloured appliances such as cookers or fridges. Alternatively use bright textiles such as chair cushions and table cloths to allow you to swap colours around as the mood takes you.


Again, think minimalistic and natural wood when considering what furniture to buy for your Scandi kitchen. Look for striking geometric forms and simple lines. A solid wood table is always good to have in any kitchen, and can be paired with matching chairs to keep things looking sleek or mismatched for a more eclectic and lived-in look.    

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