Shelving Ideas for every room in the home

When it comes to storage solutions in the home, shelving is one of the simplest and most flexible options there is. Not only can it be very cost effective, but it can be used in almost every room in the home. Let’s face it, we all have that little bit of space that we would love to utilise but struggle to work out how to. Here are just a few easy ways in which you can incorporate shelving ideas into any room in your home. 

The dining room

When it comes to the dining room, shelves can be a handy way of creating a decorative feature, rather than storing lots of different items. There are a number of ways in which you can do this without over cluttering your room. Narrow open shelving over a radiator can add a nice feature to your room and is a great place to display photos. For a more dramatic look, consider adding shelving either side of your door or window. Use different spacing between the shelves to create a more interesting look. This is great for displaying books or ornaments. 

The living room

Ladder shelving units are very fashionable at the moment and can be used to great effect. This is especially true if used in the corner of a larger room. They can be a stunning way to display a few photographs or pictures and even a couple of plants to create a real focal point. 

The kitchen

Most people will tell you that there is simply not enough room in their kitchens for all the items that they want to store. Open shelving offers a great solution that can utilise space that is otherwise not used. These might be over your counters, near your cooker or even in the eating area of your kitchen. The ends of some of your units can make a great place to have a shelving unit. Your favourite cookbooks will make a much nicer display than the solid end to a cabinet. You might also like to consider some floating shelves on your walls where you can display pretty containers, your pans or even your crockery. There is plenty of scope in your kitchen to add a variety of different types of shelving. Once you start looking, you might be surprised by just how much there is.

The Bathroom 

You might not have considered shelving for your bathroom, but this is one room in the house that can always seem a little short on storage space. Bathroom shelving is, in fact, a great way to make the best use of some of those odd nooks and crannies. Even the smallest shelves can make a huge difference so why not consider breaking up a niche in a shower. A couple of small shelves could really help to give some order to your bathing supplies, whether you choose to organise them into his and hers or by type. 

The ways in which you use shelving in your home, and the types of shelving you choose, is limited only by your imagination. It can provide you with some much more than just a practical storage solution. 

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