Home Security Tips for Summer

With summer just around the corner, it’s important that you keep home security in the forefront of your mind. People don’t realise that your home can be more vulnerable to burglary and fires during this time of the year, which is why so many incidents occur. Here are some helpful summer home security tips that you should take note of …

Home Security Tips for Summer

Keep your shed locked up

Most homeowners have an expensive lawn mower or set of power tools in the shed, so it’s no surprise that sheds are often targeted by burglars. Now that the weather is heating up, you’ll probably be getting this equipment out a lot more often, giving prying eyes the chance to see what your shed’s got to offer.

If you want to keep your garden equipment secure in your shed, it’s important you keep your shed in good working order. Poorly made wooden sheds have a tendency to rot. Broken or loose panels can be easily removed to gain access to the goods inside. To prevent a break-in, it’s really important that you repair any damage as soon as possible.

For an extra secure shed, why not install motion sensor lights and a sturdy padlock to keep thieving hands at bay?

Check your fire alarms

During the summer, conditions in your home and garden will be hotter and dryer than usual. These conditions are perfect for allowing fires to spread, so, if you’ve not checked your fire alarms recently – please do!

A few other tips you can use to help prevent an accidental fire include, keeping doors and windows closed when you’re cooking, using your BBQ in a sensible place, well away from the house. And, installing additional fire alarms where you need them.

If you’re unsure whether your fire alarm system is up to scratch, get in touch with a professional home security company and they can assist you.

Be responsible with doors and windows

When the temperature soars, opening every door and window to let the fresh air in might be tempting, but it can leave your home vulnerable to a burglary.

One quick check that you can do as we head into summer, is checking that all your windows can be locked. We all have that one window with a dodgy lock, that can probably be pulled open from the outside if someone tried hard enough – well here’s a reminder to get it fixed, especially if it’s a ground level window.

In addition to fixing your windows so they lock properly, you should also be mindful of the windows you’re using. Only open windows in the room you’re occupying, remember to close them if you’re popping out to sunbathe, and be sure to close all of your downstairs windows before you go to bed at night.

All of these summer security tips should be used in conjunction with a professional home security system for the best possible protection.

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