Wooden Floors in Interior Design

There are many challenges to get rooms right when you are creating your new home. Most important of all, is the look and the feel of the place. Wood has been a popular choice of flooring for many years and that is largely because it gives so many options. There are many different styles of wooden floor and just like the choice of colour on the walls, the choice of flooring can set the tone or mood for a room; porcelain tiles are a beautiful option, and very popular right now even in our cold climate but there’s no denying the traditional beauty of wooden flooring. Getting the floor right in a room is an essential finishing element and this needs the most attention because it is usually the most difficult part of the design to change when in place.

Choosing Wood for the Entire Floor

picking wooden flooringChoosing a wooden floor for the entire floor surface on one level of your home is often better than selecting different flooring for each room. The feeling of continuity portrays more planning whereas different patterns or colours from room to room suggests a patchwork quilt solution where the whole project could not be completed at one time. With a single choice of wooden flooring, it is still possible to create a different atmosphere from room to room by the use of rugs and furniture.

The Practicality of Wooden Flooring

kitchen with wooden floorIn the vast majority of situations, wooden flooring will outlast any other kind of flooring. Tiles will crack and a single spill on a carpet can be catastrophic. This is why wooden flooring has become so popular in recent years. In the past only public buildings with large budgets or large private homes could put a quality wooden floor down. With advances in technology, wooden flooring that is built to a high standard can be mass-produced at a price that makes it affordable to the average consumer. Of course, you can still buy some types of flooring that are cheaper than other products and there will always be high-end material that is clearly better quality than other offerings.

The Environmental Benefits

Modern manufacturers of wooden flooring use wood from responsibly managed sources. This means that they are an essential part of any ‘green’ build when you factor in the timeless design and lifetime of the product. Green building methods are increasingly important factors in design and the carbon footprint of any proposed new build needs to be taken seriously especially in light of the new EU WEEE regulations concerning recycling and minimising waste to preserve our natural resources for future generations. Responsible wooden floor manufacturers  always source their materials from managed forests where new growth exceeds the harvested product.

To achieve even less of an environmental impact and to further reduce costs, consider sanding existing floorboards to breathe new life in to them.

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