7 Ways to add old school glamour to your kitchen without going over the top

There is something about old school glamour that can really add a wow factor to your home. The good news is that kitchen items with a more vintage feel to them are really making a comeback. The key, however, is to consider adding just a few keys pieces to your kitchen rather than going completely over the top. Here are our suggestions on how you can add touches of old-school glamour to your kitchen without making it look dated.

Chunky Fridges

Appliances are a great place to start when it comes to old-school glamour in your kitchen. Smeg, the retro fridge maker, have become very popular in the last few years for their retro style chunky fridges. This is such the case that other companies are now following suit. The advantage, of course, is that behind their retro exterior lies a thoroughly modern fridge interior. This means you lose none of the modern functionality you need in your kitchen. Pastel shades are very popular but other manufacturers have gone with bolder colours, white or even stainless steel.

Retro cookers

There are also plenty of more vintage look cookers on the market that can look absolutely stunning in your kitchen. Range cookers are certainly back in fashion at the moment.

Pretty Pastels

Take a step back from the sleek monochrome modern kitchen, or the white carpentry and classic marble worktop look. If you want to add some really old-school glamour to your kitchen then think pretty pastels. Pale lemon, pale mint green or even duck egg blue are the colours that you should be reaching for, but remember less is more. The key to getting a great vintage style look in your kitchen is to just add a few touches, so if you are painting confine your pastel shades to just a few walls. Make sure that you pair them with more modern items like sleek worktops for a more up to date yet vintage look.

Bold Colours

If you are really not a pastels person then don’t worry, bright bold pops of colour can also work really well in a more retro kitchen and remember just like pastels these colours should be used sparingly to get the best effect.


If you have a breakfast bar, then keep an eye out for retro looking stool. Ditch the modern chrome look and instead chose something in a bright bold colour, with a curved low backed seat.

Dining Nook

Forget the big table and chairs and instead opt for a dining nook with build in seating near the window, this can be a great space saver. Add a small table and you have a great nook for eating breakfast or even quick lunches.


Plain tiles and real wood or laminate flooring are great for creating a modern look in your kitchen but if you want something altogether more old school the look for patterns. Vintage black and white tiles or something with a big pattern will work really well and really help you to achieve the look.

With a few additions and tweak you can have a glamorous kitchen that isn’t over the top.

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