7 ways to use chrome in the modern home

of shine and sparkle. First used in furnishing in the 1920s, in modern décor schemes it provides clarity of form that blends ideally into a low-clutter way of living. Chrome is incredibly versatile and can be the main material. Or, simply an accent with equal panache.

1. Light up the room

Chrome is ideal for use in light fixtures as the high shine of the metal reflects plenty of light out into the room. Keep it low-key by choosing simple lamp-bases finished in chrome. Or, show it off with a ceiling pendant or lampshade.

2. Pull the other one

A quick way to freshen up an old chest of drawers or cupboard would be to replace the existing pulls with modern chrome handles instead. Solid chrome looks clean and simple. Alternatively, mixing it with acrylic or glass can create a light and airy feel that could completely rework the way you look at an old friend.

3. Big is beautiful

If you really want to go to town with the chrome then choose a large piece of furniture to show it off. A classic example is a black leather or leatherette sofas and chairs with chrome legs. The dark surface complements the bright metal perfectly. And, the two come together in a classically understated way.

4. Sparkly clean

Chrome is commonly used in plumbing fixtures as it resists corrosion. And, it keeps looking clean and shiny for a long time with minimal effort. For a minimalist modern look choose straight, clean lines or smooth curves with minimal ornamentation. This will create the perfect effect. If your design preferences lend themselves more to a post-industrial kitchen design then an over-the-top spray head kitchen mixer tap in bright chrome will really fit the bill.

5. Dinner party centrepiece

Show off your chrome with some of the gorgeous candlesticks currently available. Chrome is a great material for candlesticks as it’s very easy to bring back to its original polish. This is even after being cleaned of spilt wax. From spindle styles that would be traditionally formed from brass to delicate twisting candelabra, there’s a chrome candlestick to suit every mood.

6. Mixed materials

Chrome can be used on its own. But, it perhaps comes into its own best when mixed with other materials. A glass-and-chrome coffee table fits perfectly into the modern house and won’t dominate a small living area the way a wooden table might.

7. Humble origins

Sometimes the best way to use strong materials such as chrome is in unexpected ways. Buy a chrome wastepaper basket or fit a chrome coat rack to bring a little sparkle into some of the more mundane areas of the home. Chrome spray paint allows you to give almost anything a chrome finish. Try spraying picture frames, vases or ornaments salvaged from charity shops. This will give a modern twist to traditional items.

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