What to put on your living room walls

Your living room is the room you intend to spend a large proportion of your time in. It is where you expect to unwind after a hard day at work. And, where you will entertain guests. It is a room which brings the whole family together. But if you’ve just moved into a new home, or are embarking on a makeover it can be daunting knowing how to balance making the room cosy and inviting against being presentable for guests.

Wallpaper and Paint

Many people opt for paint on all walls of their room. But, if you ignore wallpaper, you ignore at least half of interior design. Modern wallpapers are easy to hang. And, they’re available in an eye-watering variety of colours, textures, designs and prints. From very formal stripes to more whimsical designs such as tropical rainforests there’s plenty of choice.

If the thought of covering every wall in paper seems overwhelming then create a feature wall where you can show off whilst keeping the rest of the colour scheme neutral and low-key.


Carefully positioned mirrors can brighten a room and create an illusion of space. If you want to hang a mirror, make sure you buy a mirror intended to be hung. Some are designed to lean against a wall or easel and could break.

If your living room has a mantelpiece then traditionally you might have found a mirror hanging above it. This is usually a few inches above the top shelf and tilted slightly so that light is reflected back into the room. Another good location is on the wall that catches the afternoon sunlight as you are more likely to be using the room later in the day.

Pictures and other decorative items

Whatever you decide to hang on your walls it should be something you want to live with. After all, you will be looking at it every day for the next few years. One or two large paintings have more impact than lots of small ones. But, conversely, if you want to hang photos creating a “cloud” with different frames and styles, it will have that wow factor you’re looking for.

Don’t forget that you can put other things on the wall as well. Interesting fabric or tapestry could provide you with the effect you are looking for.

And finally, when hanging art, make sure you sit down when working out how high to put the nail in.


If you want your living room to be usable you will almost certainly want some shelves. But, they don’t have to be constrained to filling the alcove behind the TV. Floating shelves can be a good choice for display as the fittings are hidden. This makes for a neat finish but there are many decorative brackets if you would prefer. Think about where you are placing seating before drilling – no one wants to bump their head when they stand up – and double check that your shelves won’t be hit by the door.

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