How to dress your windowsill

Windowsills come in all shapes and sizes from barely-there strips of uPVC to the low, wide bay windows that could so obviously be used as extra seating. A well-dressed window deserves a well-dressed windowsill. However, it is important to remember that the primary function of a window is to let in light and air. So, when it comes to decoration less is more.

The Window Seat

If you are lucky enough to have a windowsill wide enough and strong enough to support you then you can create a window seat. This creates somewhere to sit and admire the view. A simple way to make it clear the windowsill is for sitting on is to add a few scatter cushions. For a more formal look, a cushion can be made to the exact dimensions of the window sill. If you’re feeling crafty, it is a fairly simple sewing project to make a cushion cover and suitable foam is widely available.

Greenfinger’s Delight

A window is an interface between the inside and the outside which is why traditional ways of using the space often include plants or flowers.

A kitchen windowsill lends itself to growing herbs which can be picked fresh to be included in your cooking. If you are not terribly green-fingered then a compromise could be to buy a set of decorative pots the right size for supermarket herbs. Once the plant dies it is then a simple matter to replace it.

Narrow windows, especially those on landings which are tall and thin, lend themselves to being a showcase for a single item. A bold vase of flowers or a structurally interesting succulent could be a good choice here.

The Gallery

Why not collect together all those family photos or show off some special trinkets? A windowsill can be the ideal place to create a special gallery. Unlike a bookcase, your windowsill is well-lit and is usually around eye-level when you are sitting down. This makes using it for display a good choice in a living room.

The Too-Narrow Windowsill

Not every window is blessed with a windowsill of any use. But, if you can place a piece of furniture such as a sideboard or bookcase against the wall below the window you may be able to use the top of it to explore some of the ideas above.

Alternatively, a shelf can be fitted to extend the windowsill into the room. This approach has the added advantage that it can be fitted around a radiator. It will also help deflect heat from the radiator into the room rather than out through the glass! You can even take it one step further. You could create a wide-enough shelf that it can be used as a desk or table. This could be useful if the room is on the small side.

Even the smallest studio has windows. And, whether you have modern windows or old a well-dressed windowsill, it is a simple and inexpensive way to enrich your decor.

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