Making a Shared Bedroom Right for Both Kids

With house prices on the increase, many parents are choosing to remain in the home they already have. This avoids the financial strain of moving to a bigger property. Whilst this works well for many families, for those with several children it can cause something of a logistical nightmare. This is especially true when it comes to bedroom space and who sleeps where.

Let your children help

If your children need to share a bedroom through necessity, rather than because they want to, then decorating that bedroom to suit both children can be tricky. There are a number of things that will have an influence on how you decorate the room. These include the ages and genders of the children who will be sharing and of course their own individual personalities.

So here are just a few helpful tips that should help you overcome all those tricky and all too common design issues you might encounter on your journey to create the perfect share bedroom.

Bedding down for the night

If you are faced with a small room then fitting 2 beds in will be your biggest problem. If your children are old enough then bunk beds are the most space saving solution that is out there. Be prepared to be amazed by some of the choices that are available out there. Whilst you can still get basic metal framed bunk beds there are also plenty of stunning bunks on the market as well. With extra storage underneath and added shelves and even storage in the form of a staircase between the bunks you are sure to find exactly the right bed to suit your needs. It is worth considering the future if you want to invest in good quality beds. If you are likely to move to a larger property at a later date then you may want to consider bunks that can be split into singles. This will give you that extra versatility.


If the room will be shared by a boy and a girl then why not pick neutral colours for the walls. There is no need to stick to the traditional gender colours of pink and blue. Neutral colours will give you a fantastic canvas to work with whether you want to create two very separate areas or one big coordinated room. Accent your neutral walls with a couple of key colours and use them for the details in the room.  Window dressings, rugs even a throw or cushion can all be accents. There is no reason why you can use one colour for boys and a different one for girls. But, remember you are not limited in your choices.

If the children sharing are very young then don’t rule out bright vibrant colours. Thewill make the shared room a funky and fun place to be.

Of course, if the room is for two girls, or two boys, then you may want to go all out decorating it with the same theme throughout. There are no hard and fast rules. Just consider what works for you and your children. And, remember to take their own unique styles into account as well.

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