Top 10 reasons to consider porcelain tiles for the kitchen

Choosing kitchen flooring can be difficult as it needs to withstand a lot of heavy use as well as make a nice feature in your home, here are the reason why porcelain tiles are a good choice.

With so many different flooring options available on the market today, it’s hard to know where to start when installing new flooring in your home. Porcelain flooring has proven to be a popular option for kitchen flooring for many homeowners. Here are the top ten reasons why installing porcelain flooring in your kitchen is the way forward:


Porcelain tiles are known for their hardwearing qualities and durability. They are very difficult to crack, so even placed in a kitchen which sees lots of footfall and heavy appliances your porcelain flooring will most likely stand the test of time. And if a single tile does crack then the process of replacing it is straightforward.

2. Tiles retain heat

Worried installing floor tiles will mean cold feet? In actual fact, tiles actually tend to retain heat. It all comes down to what you’re laying your tiles on top off. Wooden flooring underneath your tiles will allow them breath thus helping them maintain heat.  Another option is install under floor heating beneath your tiles, a luxurious touch you’ll never want to live without.

3. Colour

When you install Kitchen flooring you usually want something of a neutral colour. Kitchens can have so many different elements and therefore a neutral colour floor will help bring the whole design scheme together. Porcelain and porcelain tiles come in so many options, from off white marble effect to dark grey matt look glazed porcelain floor tiles.  

4. Design Options

Large or small, glazed or matt finish, plain or patterned, the design options for porcelain tiles are near endless. From rectangular and square tiles to hexagonal monochrome style, porcelain tiles fit easily in to different kitchens.

Porcelain wall tiles and porcelain wall tiles are also available, so installing wall tiles and splashbacks in your kitchen can seamless and sleek in design.

5. Borders and decors to add interest

Adding variety to your flooring gives a great finish. Choosing a patterned tile or textured tile works incredibly well in contemporary style kitchens. Choose from designer tiles and think outside the box and having fun with your flooring creates a bold statement piece to really give your house the wow factor.

6. Easy to maintain

Generally porcelain tiles are easily looked after and won’t cause you much trouble, they’re hygienic and water resistant. However when purchasing and installing the flooring its good to order a few extra tiles so that you have spare in a rare emergency.

7. Hygiene

Porcelain tiles are incredibly easy to keep clean with all-purpose cleaner, mop and bucket. Not only that, they are environmentally friendly so when they eventually need replacing, the natural components in the tiles mean they are ok to throw away.

8. Allergy concerns

The hard, solid surface of porcelain tiles mean that they don’t attract and maintain dust particles, pollen or other allergens. Plus these are easily cleaned away from the smooth surface.

9. Tiles don’t burn

Cigarette ash or cooking equipment that may floor on the floor won’t burn or tarnish your tiles.

10. Long term value to a property

Although porcelain tiles can be pricey, they are a worthwhile, long term investment due to their durability and timeless design.

If you’ve never considered porcelain tiles for your property before, then the 10 reasons above may just change your mind!

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