5 Ways You Can Use Recycled Materials For Your Kitchen Redesign

When you think of the most prominent features of your house, your kitchen probably doesn’t stick out in your mind. But even though it doesn’t have the space of your living room or the personal touch of your bedroom, it is just as important to the overall look and feel of your home. 

Some might argue it is even more important, as you seek a balance between aesthetic and functionality. 

For those who want the benefits of lower-cost materials while being good to the environment, your kitchen is the perfect room to utilize recycled materials while toeing that line. 

Here are five exciting ways you can recycle (and upcycle) your way to a gorgeous cooking space. 

Use Islands For Better Storage

DM Design kitchen ranges are a great example of how you can really utilize space by creating more storage options. One of the best ways they do so is in the use of islands. 

Many people are choosing to use upcycled items, such as butcher blocks, old dressers, and even rolling carts to create a stationary or moving island for their kitchen. 

Install Curtain Rods For Hanging Storage

Another excellent way to get more storage is to start using up space on walls. By installing used curtain rods, you can add shower hooks and have the perfect place to hang pots, pans, and other accessories. 

The best part about these rods is you can put multiple rods on a single wall, giving you a layered effect for even more functionality. 

Get Use Out Of Old Magnets

Have too many magnets but not enough drawer space? You can put any metal items in your kitchen on your fridge and even on the studs in the wall. Just stick the magnet on an empty space and put spatulas, kitchen scissors, whisks, knives, and even bottle openers there. 

This idea has the additional benefit of making it easier to reach the items you use most, day-to-day. 

Create Some Whimsy With Wine Bottles

Most of us like a bit of wine with dinner. But what do you do with the bottles when you have finished off the ambrosia inside? Of course, you could just recycle them the traditional way. Or, you could create a whimsical look by turning them into lights. 

Just get some battery-run LED lights, pop them inside and switch them on…that’s it! If you want to take it a bit further, attach them to cords on a plank of recycled lumber and hang it from your ceiling as a chandelier. 

Tic Tac Spice Rack

Tired of your spice rack taking up so much space? Pour each spice into an empty Tic Tac box and stack them up. It is simple, effective and can be stored just about anywhere. Best of all, the small opening without the hole-filled cover makes it easy to get the proper amount for whatever dish you are making.

You don’t have to spend a fortune – or leave a huge carbon footprint – to get your dream kitchen. All it takes is a little ingenuity!

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