Creating a study nook in the small home

study spaceIn this modern age where technology has us switched on 24/7. The lines between home and work/education are not as distinct as they perhaps once were. Many of us bring our work home with us or have a need to study. Therefore, it is imperative to be able to create a study nook in even the smallest of homes. You do need a place where disturbance can be kept to a minimum but you still feel part of the household.

It can be surprisingly easy to do if you allow yourself to think creatively. And, the following will help to spark your own ideas of how you can create a study nook in a small home.

Clear out That Old Cupboard/Alcove

Many small homes have a  forgotten corner. Instead of it being filled with clutter, it could be providing a practical space in which to work/study. Think about whether you have a large cupboard under the stairs that could be adapted to a study nook. Or, perhaps a walk in cupboard in the spare room that is still full of needless junk? How about an alcove in the living room? You could even use a screen to give it that separate room feeling for an area that does not have a door of its own.

Use Space wisely you take for granted

Many small homes have what may seem like a disproportionate sense of size. Especially in certain areas such as a wide landing or hallway that could be used as a study nook. This area could be defined by a desk for instance. But, then the addition of some well-placed plants and different lighting should be considered. That way it blends in but is a distinct, separate area for work/study. You don’t even have to have a large desk. A simple hard-back chair and occasional table, a small workstation or even your own particular armchair where you sit and use your laptop could be used. It can help you switch off from home and family mode and into work/study setting. These ideas are particularly helpful for older people who have down-sized and been used to a completely separate study or home-office.

Create a study nook in a bedroom

We are advised to not take work or study into the bedroom. But, it can still be a sanctuary of relaxation AND provide a study nook for those challenged by lack of space. All you need to do is to keep your intentions clear. Perhaps only work or study between certain times  and make the area as physically and design-separate as you can despite it being in the same room.

Go outside!

Even a small home may have a large yard or garden where a study nook could be created. Perhaps even in an existing building or by installing a smart shed/conservatory (depending on budget). Taking the indoors outdoors would mean that you have a completely separate and private space to work but are then able to switch off completely and rejoin the rest of your family in your home.

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