How to make the modern kitchen warm and cosy

Even though we may want a modern kitchen – think clean lines, chrome, granite worktops, Industrial style radiators and bold colours etc; many of us still long to create that warm and cosy feel for the room that is still considered to be the nurturing heart of the family home. The good news is that the two are not mutually exclusive. And, the following suggestions will help you brainstorm ideas on how you can bring your own brand of warm and cosy into a modern kitchen. Then you can have the best of both worlds at a budget to suit you.

Incorporating Warm Materials

You cannot get much warmer than wood. Simply the addition of a Butcher’s Block style chopping board,tabletop or the addition of even one reclaimed timber shelf to your kitchen will instantly give cooler materials such as marble and metal a warmer focal point. Alternatively; you could choose to make a bolder statement. Use cladding on the inside walls of the Kitchen in wood and leave the appliances/furniture untouched to simulate a cosy lodge feel.

Using Space Wisely

You may wish to soften the clean lines and industrial feel of a modern kitchen by placing some appliances in an alcove or within cabinetry. Displaying pans, utensils or crockery on show will also give even a modern kitchen that homely touch.

Using Light to soften

There is nothing cosier than an encroaching night contrasting with the cheery glow of a well lit home. You may have modern spotlights providing necessary bright light for cooking and chores. However, a well-placed lamp in a darker corner of your kitchen or several lit candles will help to create that warm and cosy ambience. Antique lamps and the additional of collectible, vintage Kitchen-ware items would also give a modern kitchen that timeless warm and cosy feel.

Going Vintage with Soft furnishings

Vintage and retro are here to stay. Years ago it was commonplace to have a material “skirt” around your kitchen sink where now a modern cupboard would sit. It was also usual to have a tablecloth and perhaps also a door/window curtains, tie backs and pelmets. You don’t have to go old fashioned to use soft furnishings to create a touch of warm and cosy in a modern kitchen. Think table runners, seating cushions, fabric blinds in a cheery print or a bright, inviting rug on the floor.

The addition of heat

When we think warm and cosy we immediately think of heat. Toasty-warm underfloor heating will immediately give even the most modern of kitchens a warm and cosy feel.

There is still something primal about fire and cooking. It is synonymous with the elements we naturally associate with a kitchen – cooking, food and sustenance. And, the addition of a traditional range or even an open fire or multi-fuel stove will create a focal point for the family to gather around; with socialising in itself providing a warm and cosy feel.

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