5 Ways to Bring more light into your kitchen

The kitchen is most often the heart of the home, where guests congregate on arrival, meals prepped and, family come together for the hustle and bustle of starting the day or winding down while cooking the evening meal. A bright kitchen compared to a dark kitchen naturally draws you in, making you want to spend more time within. Natural light can also help to improve mood and efficiency. If you have a dark kitchen, there are many ways of increasing the light within the hub of the house to make it more inviting. 

Clean windows

It is a given that cleaner windows allow a lot more daylight to come in, as well as a more beautiful view to look out on. Along with the spotless window a simple, clear windowsill with no ornaments, utensils or flowers blocking the light will naturally allow more of the sunshine through. Clean windows will also make the kitchen look bigger too. It is recommended to clean them every 4-8 weeks. 

Lighter Colour Scheme

Bright paint on the walls will help brighten up the room, helping it to feel that more light is coming in. Brilliant white could make the room feel cold and stark whereas other shades of white or off-white can help bring in warmth along with the light. Wallpapers and dark, bold colours would absorb the sunlight reducing the effect of the light bouncing off and creating the result of more light. Matt paint again would absorb some of the sunlight while silk paint will help the light reflect back inside the room. 

Gloss Cupboards 

Glossy cupboards will also naturally make the kitchen brighter, especially if the colour is pale or white. The smooth, shiny surface will help the light reflect off the doors and bounce back into the room compared to wood or matt coloured doors. If the appliances are white, this would also help create the illusion of light.


If the kitchen is in part of a single storey extension or has a flat roof above, then inserting Skylights will help maximise the natural light. Even on a cloudy day, the amount of extra light that can come through the skylight compared to a dark ceiling is impressive. Skylights help to make the kitchen feel bigger without adding the extra space by bringing the sky and light within reach. 

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold doors are more significant than the usual patio doors which come in a lot of kitchens. With them being more extensive and able to open up a lot further, these will be able to help bring in more natural light as well as the feeling of bringing the outside within.  

If the kitchen doesn’t have the space available for bi-fold doors to the outside, using them internally to join another room will increase the light into the kitchen, utilising the sunlight from the adjoining room to brighten up the kitchen while still allowing the rooms to be separated when needed.

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