How To Use Nature To Make Your Home Office A More Productive Space

Working from home? These tips will help you use Mother Nature to boost the productivity of your working space.

During the pandemic the amount of people working from home nearly doubled. As the world works towards a post-pandemic reality, many people still work from home for a multitude of reasons. If you’re one of those people and you will be working from home for the foreseeable future, it’s a great idea to create a home office to work in.

Of course, having a home office doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a productive space to work in. You’ve chucked all your spare room stuff into your self storage unit, you have home office furniture but the space still isn’t what you need to truly boost your career. So what can you do to your home office to make it more productive?

Today we’re going to talk about using nature to make your home office a more productive space. It’s one of the easiest ways to help you make more of your career whilst you’re based at home and here’s how to implement it:

Hang Some Images Of Nature Up

Science tells us that just looking at images of nature is enough to help us with improved attention and performance. That could simply be opening the blinds to look out of the window. However, if you can’t do that for any reason, the next best thing is by placing images of nature in your office. Got a great macro print of an insect in your cheap self storage unit? Get it out and hang it up! Or try buying some nice nature art from a local artist, or some cool local scenery photos from a local photographer. There are many ways to include images of nature in your office for a more beautiful, and productive aesthetic.

Opt For Eco-Friendly

So many products that we use are not eco-friendly, and by using them we could be harming the environment, and even our own health, which is no good for anything, including your productivity. VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are a good example of this, and they exist in all kinds of products that we use everyday such as cleaning products or paint. For a healthier office environment, try using eco-friendly cleaning products, paint, antibacterial gel and other accessories for a cleaner, healthier environment all-round.

Decorate With Natural Colours

There is a vast body of scientific evidence discussing the psychological effect of colours on humans. Colours can make us feel lots of emotions, and they can help boost our productivity. Natural colours in your home office can help with this, offering a neutral but inspiring aesthetic palette for your career development. Play with earthy tones like terracotta, stone, muslin and oat milk, as well as sea foam, tidal pool green and even gentle yellows and pinks. By finding the right natural colour palette to suit your needs you can enhance your work environment with ease.

Buy Some House Plants

Studies tell us that offices with plants lead to happier and more productive staff, than those without. In fact, just one houseplant can make a huge difference to your home office so there’s no need to create an indoor jungle just yet. If you have low to medium light there are many plants that will do just fine in your office. For floor space try a Monstera Deliciosa, ponytail palm or climbing golden pothos. For shelving; spider plants, hanging pothos, philodendron and Monstera Adansonii are great choices.

Change Your Desk Position

According to a study, employees in offices are more productive next to a window than those who are facing away from them. It relates to your field of vision and what you can see, and the more unbroken and inspiring your view, the more productive you are. So if your desk is positioned facing away from the window, try repositioning it as a window desk to boost your own productivity.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

Using our tips above you can create a more nature-inspired space for better productivity and overall home office health. What could be better than working from home and doing better with a helping hand from Mother Nature?

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