Inspiring lighting design for staircases and hallways

Staircases and hallways are the central elements of every house and combine different functions. On the one hand, they connect individual rooms and their residents with one another. On the other hand, the hallway is usually the entrance area, which gives visitors a first impression. It is therefore all the more important, that the lighting ensures a homely and pleasant room atmosphere. Moreover the staircase lighting must also meet important safety aspects.

There are countless options for lighting staircases and hallways. The perfect solution depends on the style of your home, the size of the hallway, the height of the ceilings and the other light sources. All of these factors influence the number, size and style of the lights. Here are some suggestions for a decorative and functional lighting design for staircases and hallways.

lighting design for staircases and hallways

The floating staircase

Open stairs can be particularly beautifully illuminated by hiding the light source under the steps. This is possible by attaching LED strips to the underside of each individual step. This illuminates the step below and creates the illusion of a floating staircase. Overall, this results in a beautiful and noble aesthetic.

Wall lighting along the stairs

In most houses, the stairs are adjacent to a wall. Wall lighting along the stairs is a nice and usually inexpensive way to illuminate individual steps. Usually recessed spotlights are used, which are installed flush about 15 to 20 cm above the step. This creates beautiful lighting effects.

Handrail or railing lighting

Another way to illuminate the stairs is to incorporate a strip of light into your handrail. For this purpose, an invisible LED light strip is installed on the underside of the handrail. However, this lighting may not be enough to ensure safety aspects. Combine the handrail lighting with other light sources. An LED light strip can also beautifully highlight the railing of the stairs.

lighting design for staircases and hallways

A consistent style

Staircase lighting that is adapted to the style of the staircase has a particularly harmonious effect. For example, you can use the look and material of the banister in the staircase lighting. If your banister has an industrial style, continue this style with the lighting.

Mini recessed lights for the hallway

Do you believe recessed lights for the hallway are boring? Not even close! There are great mini recessed lights that are real design highlights. You will achieve the best results, if you choose a contrasting color or a special shape for the lights. An exciting effect can also be achieved with a creative arrangement of the built-in lights.

Chandeliers – classic or modern

If you have high ceilings, large pendant lights or the classic chandelier – whether modern or traditional – come into their own here. This makes even a functional staircase a very special eye-catcher.

Lantern lights for the country house style

Ceiling lights with a lantern look are also perfect for high ceilings. Lantern lights are an absolute must, if your house is furnished in a country house style. Make sure, however, to adapt the size of the luminaire to the room so as not to overload it.

Table lamp in the entrance area

Create an inviting atmosphere with a classic table lamp on a console table. A console is a practical side table on which you can e.g. keep your keys within reach. Complete the table decoration with picture frames or house plants.

Statement floor lamp

Who said that hallway lighting should only serve practical aspects? A wonderful way to place an eye-catcher in the entrance area is a statement floor lamp. It catches the eye as soon as you enter and gives your visitors a particularly pleasant welcome.

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