New year, new colour scheme – how to update your bedroom on a budget

Bedrooms can quickly become the most boring room in the house. The rooms your guests will see always seem to be far more important when it comes to allocating budgets. But if you could do with cheering up your sleeping space it’s easy enough to do for very little cash.

New bedding

One of the cheapest ways to improve the look of your bedroom is to change the bedding. Buying a new duvet cover or bedspread won’t cost more than a few pounds and can instantly switch your colour scheme with hardly any effort at all!

Add some art

Posters might strike you as being the preserve of teenagers, but they are cheap and they do brighten up a whole wall at a time. For a more adult look choose art prints rather than pop stars and use a cheap frame to finish them off.

Paint a feature wall

A tin of paint doesn’t cost much, and a single wall doesn’t take long to paint. But the effect can be stunning. Painting the wall behind the bed turns the bed into the focal point of the room, as it should be, and choosing a striking colour can really make a stunning impression.

Or paint the furniture

If you are living in rented accommodation then painting the wall and hanging pictures might not be possible. An equally cheap way to change the dominant colour is to paint or stain your furniture. You can even buy paints that can be used with minimal preparation of the surface underneath, making the job something to tackle in an afternoon.

Curtains up

Another quick colour fix can be had by simply hanging new curtains. If you aren’t sure what size to buy then measure the existing ones to find out. Using tie-backs can give your curtains a decadent feel, and will allow you to pull them away from the window to let more light in during the day.

Put a rug down

If the carpet is looking a bit sorry for itself then even a large rug is a cheaper alternative to a new floor. Choose a fluffy chenille or sheepskin rug for a snuggly feel under your feet, or a flat woven rug if you want something that is just cheap and cheerful.

Change the lighting

Lampshades come in all shapes and sizes and are relatively inexpensive ways to add a different colour to a room. It’s very easy to switch – just make sure the power’s off before you start unscrewing bulbs and bulb holders!

Add some plants

Plants can help you get a better night’s sleep and can change the look of a room completely. Trailing plants are good for softening the edges of furniture or shelves, while larger,  structural plants can even be used to hide imperfections if you haven’t got the time or money for redecoration – a win-win situation!

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