How to make more space in your smallest bedroom

If your house has a bedroom that is barely big enough to fit a bed, let alone any other furniture, it can be a struggle to make it useful. After all, even if you keep it solely for guests they will probably appreciate a side-table and somewhere to stash their clothes.

Who’s been sleeping in my bed?

When trying to maximise space anywhere in the home your first question should be “what is the purpose of this space?” Whilst it might seem obvious that a bedroom should have a bed in it you can choose the type of bed that will make the most of what you’ve got.

For example, a baby or toddler won’t need a full-size bed. Indeed, you might be able to get away with a toddler or child bed for several years, depending on how tall your child is of course! The extra space saved could allow you to squeeze a small chest of drawers at the end of the bed.

Older children often find cabin beds enjoyable places to rest. A mid-sleeper allows for plenty of storage in drawers or cupboards. If ceiling height permits, a high-sleeper gives enough space underneath for a wardrobe or desk to be added to the room. You can add a shelf at bed height instead of a bedside table. Or, there are clip-on bunk-bed shelves that clamp to the guard rails.

If there’s nothing for it but to provide a full-sized bed, then choose a storage divan.  The space under the bed can then be used.



small bedroom


Changing Rooms

Multi-purpose furniture is another way to maximise the potential of your box-room space. Sofa beds can be useful in guest rooms, allowing you to use the space as a living area or study when it is not needed for sleeping. Some modern sofa beds are designed so that the bedding can remain in place or be stored inside whilst folded. This means it isn’t even tricky to convert back to a sanctuary for unexpected visitors.

Choose other pieces of furniture so you can use them in different ways. A small filing cabinet or chest of drawers could work as a bedside table. You can always throw a tablecloth over it to make it seem more homely – and it offers plenty of extra storage space.

Box it in in the box room

Often the smallest bedroom is also the most difficult to work with. The floor-space may be restricted because of a stair bulkhead. Or, it may be an odd shape. This is especially true if an ensuite for a neighbouring room has been carved out of it. Fitted units could well provide you with some extra options for making the most of what you have. Another possibility that works in some rooms, is to build a bed on top of the stair bulkhead.

Multi-tasking furniture, careful choice of bed and fitted units. These are the best three options for maximising the space in your mini room.

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