Home office décor dos and don’ts

The concepts of desk sharing and working from home becoming increasingly popular. Especially for companies who have realised the benefits of offering a more flexible working environment to their employees. This means that more and more people are looking to create a home office in their house. This is somewhere that has all the necessary equipment and space that they need in order to be able to work productively from home without distractions.

The benefits for anyone looking to work from home are significant. No stress from commuting, a more flexible schedule that fits around family life and of course it can be less distracting. That is, if you set your office up right.

Its great to put your personal stamp on your home office but there are some real dos and don’ts that you should take into consideration.


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Do Not…..

Clutter your workspace if you have the luxury of an entire room you can dedicate to being a home office then it can be all too easy to browse the internet searching for the perfect office furniture and accessories. Whilst you do need to make sure that you have the essentials such as a desk, chair and some form of storage ask your self just how much more you really need. If you work from home every day then you might need a few more bits and pieces but if you only do this a few times a week then there is a good chance you really don’t need much more.

Of course, you want your workspace to reflect your personality and it still can – just be selective. Ultimately clutter can be distracting so keep it to a minimum so that you can make working from home work for you.

Another thing you really shouldn’t do is set up your home office in the bedroom, this should be a place for resting not working.


Make sure that the lighting in your home office is right. Try to make sure you have as much natural light as possible, the glare from computer screens can make your eyes sore so give them some help by using natural light where possible.

If your office doesn’t have a large window then you may need to supplement the natural light that you do have. Choosing the right lamp can be very important, you need something that is functional but this can also be something decorative. After all, your office is part of your home and it’s nice to inject a bit of character where possible.

Another “do” that is worth considering is the possibility of mixing it up a little when it comes to the furniture. Don’t just look at traditional office furniture. There are plenty of alternatives that could work just as well for a desk. Look for something with character and then build your office from there. Remember that your office chair still needs to be practical and comfortable as you will be using it for long periods of time.

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