Bedroom bugbears and how to solve them

Modern houses are smaller than we might like which means that unfortunately, storage can often be a problem. One room that can, unfortunately, be lacking in space is the bedroom. Whether it is the master bedroom with its king-sized bed and lack of cupboards or a smaller bedroom shared by siblings, the bedroom can present some real design bugbears. Fortunately, there are some clever design tips that you can use to help solve them.

The master bedroom

Double beds are falling out of favour as more and more couples opt for the larger king sized bed option. Not only are people taller and heavier on the whole but with the rise in numbers of people taking more exotic holidays homeowners are looking to recreate the comfort of the luxury hotel in the space of their own homes. Unfortunately accommodating these larger beds can often mean a loss of storage space. And, in a smaller home where every inch of space can count finding the right solution is important. Divan beds offer a storage solution, but they are not very stylish. However, a storage bed, where the whole mattress lifts up to reveal a large storage space is ideal. Another alternative to the issue of storage is to consider a slightly raised bed. There are some wooden framed beds on the market which are a little higher and feature a selection of drawers and shelves around the base. This offers a truly practical and stylish piece of furniture for any bedroom.

A shared bedroom

When two siblings share a room, it can often seem a little crowded. The traditional solution is, of course, a set of bunk beds which go a long way towards making the room seem bigger. They do this by opening up the floor space. An L shaped bunk bed arrangement can really open up a shared room. Better still, they do so whilst also offering additional, and very welcome, storage space. Whilst at first glance this type of arrangement may appear to take up considerably more floor space, this is offset by the extra storage. Add plenty of storage for toys and encourage your children to put things away once they have finished playing with them. This is easier said than done, but will help to make the room look more spacious.

Making a small room look bigger

The single most important design tip that can really help to make a small bedroom look bigger is colour. Pale colours are not only incredibly soothing, but they can also help to make a smaller space appear bigger and brighter. Choose paler furniture and colours for your walls and add splashes of colour. You can do this with carefully chosen accessories and soft furnishings to add that extra wow factor to the room. Clutter can also make a room seem smaller. Remember, keeping a bedroom tidy, with a place for everything, will really help to make the room seem bigger.

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