Stylish shelving options you may not have considered

When it comes to storage in your home, shelving is a very practical solution that can be utilised in every room of the house. It allows you to create something of a display with your belongings. Not only can the right shelving offer afford you a real focal point in a room, but custom shelving can also be created to fit in many of the awkward spaces. This gives you maximum storage with minimum intrusion into the rest of your room.

Fit for an alcove

Alcoves can be a wonderful feature in an older house. They may even be a feature that draws you to make an offer when looking at property. The problems, of course, can arise once you are in and want to make the most of them. Many of the shelving solutions that you find in the high street will be either too narrow or too wide to fit properly. To make the most of an alcove you really do want something that reaches all the way to the ceiling. This is where built to measure shelving will be your best friend. Whether you choose simple floating shelves that fit seamlessly into the alcove or prefer to add a small cupboard at floor level, done properly, alcove shelving can be truly stylish.

Floating away

With eco-friendly and recycled products becoming increasingly popular, shelves made from reclaimed wood are a wonderful and incredibly stylish shelving solution. The beauty of reclaimed wood shelving is that no two shelves will look the same. Each will have its own character. Floating shelves draw attention to the materials used. There are no brackets to distract the eye. A simple wooden shelf with a few carefully chosen pieces on display will bring a whole new incredibly stylish touch to your home.

Box shelving

If you are looking to create a real feature with your shelving and want to use it for decorative objects rather than books there are options. Box frames, especially ones that overlap each other can make a stunning and very visual impact on your walls. Whether you chose natural wood or opt for sleek black frames, pairing it with the right objects can create a beautiful display with real design impact.

Steps to success

If you are looking for a practical, stylish shelving solution that has the look of a more traditional set f bookshelves but has a more modern twist then take a look at ladder shelves. They can be a really stylish addition to any bathroom. In this setting, they make the perfect display unit for towels and other bathroom essentials. They don’t look out of place in the living room or bedroom either. Ladders can create a clever shelving solution for everything from plants and ornaments to books and even box files. How you use them is limited only by your imagination.

If you thought shelving was boring then think again! There are so many clever shelving solutions out there that can really add a special design touch to your home.

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