How best to use bedroom space if your kids share a room

It can be great fun sharing a room with a sibling if you are close. But, it is often not without its problems too! Different ages, personalities, needs and possessions can create conflict especially in terms of space. But, the following ideas will help you to think about how you can best use bedroom space if your kids share a room.

Embracing An L Shape Layout

How you place furniture in a room can dramatically increase the suggestion of bedroom space. Lining beds against a wall in an L Shape can save space and help the room feel larger too.

Combine main pieces of furniture

When space is a consideration, think of ways you can combine what are the essential pieces of furniture; Bunk beds, a trundle bed or even a bed built into an alcove to sleep a toddler, for instance, can be a wonderfully creative space-saver!

Regarding wardrobe space – be inventive! Sometimes a simple rail with a curtain pulled across an alcove takes up much less room than a conventional piece of furniture.

Consider Minimalist

Although children usually have lots of clothes and toys –there is no reason they all have to be kept in the bedroom. Consider going minimalist and keeping the kids’ possessions in a different room to keep a spacious, uncluttered feel to their bedroom.

Use a room divider

Using a cube style room divider can add a sense of privacy and provide additional storage; especially useful for kids with a significant age gap. You may wish to decorate each half of the bedroom differently to reflect their personal ages and tastes. A shared bedroom can become a creatively exciting process or going with a vintage theme can tie different genders and ages together.

Be Savvy with Storage

Hiding clutter is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make best use of limited bedroom space. Utilising space under beds, putting up shelving, using storage boxes etc all help to keep a room clear and open up the existing space. You can even purchase headboards for beds that contain shelving etc – ideal for a child’s favourite teddy or an alarm clock! Remember to put away anything that it is out of season – winter clothes for instance and sell or recycle anything that is no longer used or outgrown to cut down on your overall need for storage.

Arranging your Kids!

If you have a big difference in age then think about the physical location of the beds in the room being most suited to their individual needs – for instance – locate the youngest child nearer the door or on the bottom level of a bunk bed as they are more likely to need you in the night. Using canopies over beds or curtains for bunk bed cubicles can solve any privacy needs and help a child feel secure in their own space even when they share a bedroom.

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