Creating a focal point in your living room

Having a focal point in any room in your home is one of the key facets of interior design. Essentially, a focal point is the star – and the starting – point. It should be something that draws the gaze of anyone who enters the room. And, in design terms, it is the item from which you draw the inspiration for the design of the rest of the room.

Whilst nothing is guaranteed to give you a more characterless room than one which has a large blank wall, there are other things that come a close second. A sofa that is simply placed in the middle of a room, a fireplace that lacks adornment, or even a large window with a fantastic view but no window dressing. But how do you choose a focal point, and how do you make it sing?

Choosing the right spot

The most important thing to consider when creating a focal point in your living room is that it is vital to pick the best location. Once you have mastered how to pick the right spot you will soon be able to create the focal point you have been dreaming of.

Highlighting the best features

Whether you realise it or not there is a good chance that the rooms in your home already have a built-in focal point. Once you have discovered what it is, making it the key part of your design is simple.

Common built-in focal points in a room might include large windows with great views or a fireplace. An interesting wall can also be one – perhaps one that has an alcove, or even built in shelving.

Use the built-in focal point and dress it up to create something that is simply stunning. Floaty, lightweight curtains look stunning in a large window. And, when your windows are open, they will blow gently in the breeze.

A fireplace looks wonderful with some key items placed on it. But, to really make it pop, wallpapering or painting the wall behind it a different colour to the rest of the room is fantastic way to really make a true focal point.

Create your own

If your living room doesn’t really have its own built in focal point, then it is simple enough to create your own. The most common way of doing this is with a feature wall.  Typically, this is the one that is furthest from the door. Big bold colours or, if you want to use wallpaper, bold patterns are a great way to draw someone’s attention.

If you want to keep to more muted shades, then a key piece of artwork is a great idea. It’s a good way to really draw everyone’s attention when they enter a room. It can also create a great conversation point as well.

Large items or furniture can also work well to create a focal point. But, special attention needs to be paid to how they are placed in the room. In the case of a large shelving style unit, what is placed on it and how matters too. Too much and it will look cluttered, too little and the overall effect will be rather stark.

With the advice above, and a little inspiration, you should be able to create or find a focal point in any room.

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