AI interior design – The 3 best apps

Have you have ever looked around your home and compared it to the images in the glossy magazines. If so, you’re not alone. I do this often, wondering how I could make my place look a little more like a design dream rather than not-quite-right. If you’re like me then AI interior design is a dream come true. It can help you to turn your home into the stylish, relaxing space you have been dreaming of without spending a small fortune and without the need for some form of interior design qualification. Let’s take a look at 3 of the best apps out there that will really help you get to grips with your interiors.

What is AI interior design?

Very briefly, AI interior design uses advanced algorithms to analyse a person’s preferences and spatial dimensions. It can suggest the best way to arrange furniture, décor styles and colour palettes to opt for. It offers you a visual image of what you could achieve before you begin. This means that you can save both time and money on your interior project whilst also optimising your creativity and creating a look that is personalised to you rather than copying something out of a magazine.

1. Interior with AI – Home Design

The first app on our list is Interior with AI. This is very easy to use app which uses advanced AI technology. You take a picture of the space you are looking to improve, and the app will create a range of different images using different design styles. These will help you to create your own style. It also offers a range of premium design styles via in-app purchasing.

2. Arch – AI Interior Designer

This app uses more than simple style swaps. The AI algorithms offer the user detailed recommendations for décor, colour schemes, furniture and much more. All suggestions are tailored to a specific design style.

3. Room AI

Like the other two apps in our list, Room AI is a great choice for homeowners who are looking for an AI interior design app that is easy to use. It is full of AI models and has a wealth of style variations. This will help you get the look you want. With numerous customisation options in terms of both layout and style, you can really play around with the placement of your furniture. All without the need to move anything physically. This is a great choice if you are trying to optimise space in a smaller or more awkwardly shaped room.


All of these apps offer great usability. Knowing what sort of look you are hoping to achieve and having a sense of the general colours can be a good idea before you begin. This will make it much easier for you to find what you want. With just a few pieces of information from the user, they all have the ability to create a range of different designs for the same room. This is ideal for those people who often pick colours and then stop halfway through decorating a room. This is often because what they see in real time isn’t how they had imagined it.

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