Tops Paint Trends

Looking to refresh your home with a new paint colour? Consider this years top trends for inspiration.

The paint that you use in your home makes a huge impact as to how it looks, feels and even how functional it is. It’s a really big decision, especially these days when our paint choices extend far beyond magnolia and white.

The best thing to do before you make any decisions about the paint that you want to use in your home is to check out plenty of inspiration. To help you, here’s an overview of the top paint trends :

Earthy Tones

Earthy tones are helping us all feel grounded and in touch with nature right now, when everything else feels chaotic. Rich terracotta, tan, burnt orange, creamy pinks and charcoal are all smudging their way through the home right now.

Bold Colour Displays

Often in decor, we are encouraged to add a splash of colour with a feature wall or, bold bits of colour with accessories or soft furnishings. This year though, it’s all about a bold colour display with paint. A bold blue wall with a red motif, or a full multicoloured wall mural. It’s a more direct route to impactful bolds.

Gentle Neutrals

Grey has definitely had its moment now and instead we are back to more gentle, warming neutrals. Think oat milks, mushroom mousse and natural stone in terms of tones. They’re a beautiful way to compliment any home, but work especially well with the cottage-core trend.


Sorbet colours like light orange, pink and green are going above and beyond pastels, offering a light kick to a neutral palette. The bravest are using these tones in the kitchen, for a subtle playfulness that brings character to a practical room.


Green has overtaken yellow in all areas of decor, including soft furnishings, furniture and home accessories. A retro creamy pastel green appears often, along with more muted moss greens, olive greens and darker flashes of lush leafy greens. Along with the houseplant trend, this colour trend is all about restoration and life.

Moody Blues

Blue hasn’t been around all too much for a while in decor, but our return to natural tones doesn’t just focus on land. The ocean and marine based hues are back, and when it comes to paint, a fresh water blue, along with darker moodier blues are making an impact. For some, blue is more restorative in feel than green, so it’s a great option if you’re just not digging those earthy tones.


Red is not a very easy colour to decorate with in the home, but it is being seen in paints for the home, usually in purple-reds or more creamy pinky reds. Pink naturally clashes with green and so, the right red and green also do the same, creating an interesting and attractive palette. They have to be the right green and red combination though, otherwise you may end up more Christmassy than chic.

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