Preparing Your Home for Guests

Ever invited someone to stay with you and felt a huge rush of panic the moment you remember the state the spare room is in? When you realise you forgot that several ‘car boot ready’ black bags, a spin bike, ten unopened boxes from the house move and a Christmas tree all obstruct anyone from even getting more than half a foot into the room, let alone staying in it.

What you probably want to do is slap those marigolds on and get waist deep in cleaning and tidying the room right now. But that isn’t always possible as we get older and hard work becomes, well, harder. Especially if you need to get your spare room ready for a live-in carer you probably aren’t in any position to do the work yourself. Never fear, if you don’t have friends or family to help then there are independent experts at the Live-in Care Hub (see ) who can help and advise.

For the rest of us who are still young(ish) and fit(ish) follow this list of tips to help you calmly and easily get your guest room guest ready:

Clear it out

Taking all the clutter from the guest room and chucking it into the garage or self storage without thought will only be a nightmare for you to sort out at a later date. Use this opportunity to actually sort through everything in the guest room once and for all. Perhaps there’s enough in there to warrant a car boot? Or perhaps it’s time to take those packed collectables to a cheap storage unit while you decide whether or not you’re going to keep them or sell them. Now is the time to make some difficult clutter-sorting decisions – you will feel better for it.

Clean it out

After you’ve sorted out all the clutter, popped your precious items in self-storage and spent a few hours trying on all the clothes you forgot you had; it’s time to get the room clean. Don’t treat it like a casual weekly clean, but rather a one room ‘spring clean’. Get into every nook and cranny ensuring all areas of the room are adequately sparkling. Pay particular attention to the ensuite bathroom if there is one, or the shared bathroom your whole family uses.

The bed will be the centrepiece of the room, so put the most ‘decorative’ effort into it. Make sure the mattress has a mattress topper on, and fit fresh, nice smelling sheets onto the mattress, and for the pillows and quilt opt for some hotel quality bed linen.

Leave a few fancy bits and bobs

Make the most of your hosting opportunity and leave a few fancy extras in the room such as; some flowers to make the room smell nice, a mint on the pillow for an element of fun, and some new slippers for your guest to keep. These are sweet little extras that your guest will appreciate.

Remember, your guest is coming to see you, not your room so try not to be too critical of what you have to offer. Your guest is going to leave smiling about the happy times you’ve shared together, not moaning about the fact your room wasn’t ‘hotel standard’.

Leave a few useful bits and bobs

Although you’ll have done your major clear out and taken control of your clutter, you don’t want your guests to feel like they are staying in a cell so you need to strike the right balance between putting everything in self storage and making the room clutter-free. So maintain the balance by leaving a few useful things in there like a bedside lamp, clock and hangers in the wardrobe.

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