Choosing lighting for small rooms

As any interior designer will tell you, small rooms can be tricky to work with. Not only do they lack space, but they can also lack natural light. There are, however, some really good ways that you can use lighting to improve a small room. And, whilst they won’t make the room bigger, they will certainly help to give the illusion of a bigger space which can be really helpful.


Obviously, with a small room, there are a few things to avoid when it comes to lighting. Possibly the biggest no no is using large light fixtures. Any light fitting that either takes up too much of your ceiling space or hangs quite low, whilst affording you plenty of light, will do little to help make your room seem bigger. It will simply be in the way of what little space there is. Save the big impressive lighting fixtures for those rooms with plenty of space and high ceilings where they are sure to create the right impression.

Small is beautiful

Track lighting is something that many professional interior designers are turning to and with good reason. With huge improvements having been made in recent years in the quality of the track lighting available and also the variety this is a very good choice for a small room. Small lights fit much better than larger tracks in a small room whilst the numerous bulbs offer plenty of light. This can really add to the illusion of space in a room. When this type of lighting is used with walls that are painted white, or a similar very light colour, the effect is stunning. This is a modern and very versatile option that works perfectly for small spaces of narrow ones like hallways.

Keep it simple

Ornate light fittings can be stunning but only in the right setting. In a small room they can make it seem overcrowded and should be avoided. Instead look for modern lights with clean simple lines that will really help to make the most of your rooms. Remember that the lighting you do choose is only a small way in which you can make a room seem lighter, and bigger. Glossy work surfaces and clever use of mirrors when used in combination with the right light fittings can completely alter people’s perception of the size of a room. They work by making it feel bigger and brighter.

Keep it up

Lighting that is focused on the ceiling is another great interior design trick for the smaller room. Visually this type of lighting draws the gaze upward and gives a room the illusion of more space. Uplighters on the walls and light fittings that are mounted close to the ceiling rather than hanging down into a room will help to illuminate your ceiling. A floor standing uplighter in the corner of the room is also a great way to add more lighting to a small space and they don’t need to take up too much floor space at all.

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