Store Your Craft Fabric With Ease

Find out how to store your craft fabric easily by using cheap self storage and some handy storing tips designed to keep your materials in great condition.

Are you a craft fabric hoarder? Are you a bit of a material magpie? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Lots of crafty folks just like you find themselves quickly amassing an Aladdin’s cave full of gorgeous threads and samples. The problem is, most of us don’t own a house the same size as Aladdin’s cave and quickly, material collections can take over the small crafting space we use.

Whilst you may think that fabric can be stored in the shed or the garage the fact is that it really can’t be. It is so vulnerable to fading, moisture, mould, rot and pests. These damp environments could easily ruin your fabric collection very quickly, so they don’t make the ideal fabric storing locations.

The good news is that there is an easy way to store your craft fabric and that is with cheap self storage. The cheapest self storage can be in any size you like, and is often rentable for just a month at a time. So if you need some time to declutter your fabric and want a home for it, this is a good choice. For long-term fabric lovers, you can not only store your fabric but all your other craft supplies too. Some facilities even allow you to use the space as a crafting area.

How To Store Your Craft Fabric

In order to make the most of your self storage space it is a good idea to follow these tips to store your fabric properly:

Choose Climate Controlled Storage

If you can, choose climate controlled storage which enables you to keep the fabric environment at a steady temperature. This avoids any extreme heat or cold causing issues for the fabric. This is especially useful for avoiding any problems with cold and damp air, which can be a real fabric destroyer.

Ensure Any Fabric Stored Is Dry

If you can make sure any fabric you store is dry you will save yourself the heartache of smelly, mouldy fabric greeting you when you next visit your unit. Be extra, extra careful to check that it is 100% dry and if you are unsure at all, dry it out again. Fabric can never be too dry, but any slight bit of moisture within the fabric is too much when it comes to storage.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Most storage units do not have windows, however, if there are clear panels somewhere in the unit do cover them up. You should also turn the lights off when you leave the unit. This will help prevent fabric fading.

Use Boxes Or Shelving

If your fabric is in rolls it is a good ideal to wrap it in plastic and then places the rolls on their side on appropriately sized racks or shelves. This helps you to make the most of the storage space vertically, as well as utilising the floor space. Alternatively, use clear boxes to store the fabric or if you want to be really fancy, vacuum seal the fabric in bags and hang them.

Whichever option you choose, make sure that you leave a walkway between everything so that you can browse your wares if you plan to visit often and dip in and out of your supplies.

Choose A Great Self Storage Facility

It is so important you choose a well-maintained facility that does what it can to prevent pests and weather damage. Bugs, mice or even squirrels will happily make a home in your precious fabric supplies. Minor flooding could also be an issue, as well as any untreated damp. By choosing a facility that is well-maintained you are more likely to avoid these kinds of issues.

You Can Keep Hoarding Fabric For As Long As You Like…

Cheap self storage enables any fabric hoarder to keep hoarding fabric and growing their collection with ease. It’s a crafters dream, especially with such affordable rates. If you do need to downsize or even *dare to dream* upsize at any point, you can also easily do so without the need for much paperwork at all.

Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to create the fabric cave of your dreams!

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