Bringing granite into your home

Granite is loved by many as a prestige stone that oozes elegance and quality. It is beautiful and versatile and can be crafted to fit any room. One of the many benefits of granite is that it comes in a wide range of finishes so can be suited to either the interior or exterior of your home. Finishes include solid, marble or speckled as well as glossy to reflect the light or matt for a sleek and modern look. It also comes in a range of colours so can be suited to any colour scheme that you choose. The beauty of granite is that each piece has individual characteristics and so no slab will ever be the same as another.

Granite is sustainable and has a long life, so is an eco-friendly solution for worktops and tiles in your home. Whilst traditionally used in kitchens and bathrooms, granite has a place in almost every room in your home, including the exterior.


Granite is commonplace in stylish kitchens as countertops, sinks or splashbacks. It is a fantastic addition to any kitchen as it does not harbour germs and is resistant to scratches, heat and moisture. Granite is also incredibly durable and easy to care for. It also lasts for a lifetime. Although the outlay for a granite countertop may seem a little on the pricey side, it is a worktop that you would never need to replace. Choosing granite tiles rather than a single granite slab for a countertop can be a cheaper option. As can limiting the granite to a certain area of your kitchen, for example, an island or preparation space.


Granite can look very classy in a bathroom either in a chiselled and rustic form or polished and shiny. It is a brilliant material to use in a bathroom due to its durability and its resistance to moisture and mould. If you’re struggling to find a big enough budget to cover all the granite you’d need to furnish your kitchen, you may find that it is more affordable in the bathroom where there is less counter space.

Elsewhere in your home

Granite can look particularly impressive as a living room fireplace surround. A grand stone fireplace makes a real focal point in the room. Granite is also a statement piece for an office. A polished granite desktop screams classic style and elegance.

Outside your home, granite tiles can be used for the floor of a patio or other exterior area. The strongest of all the natural stones, it is an obvious choice for an outdoor floor. Its durability and waterproof properties make it a great choice for areas that are used regularly as it won’t crack or chip.

If you have any remnants or scraps following the installation of a large slab of granite in your home then your imagination is the only limit as to how you can use this. Chopping boards, decorations and crafts can be made into beautiful pieces that will stand the test of time.

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