How to use yellow in your home décor

Yellow, the colour of sunshine, sunflowers, rubber ducks – it’s a bright vibrant colour that makes you feel warm and can’t help but make you smile, however when it comes to using yellow n your home it can sometimes be a little tricky to work with.

If you want to add a touch of yellow to your home décor but are wondering how you can achieve the right effect without making it seem too kitschy or childish then our helpful hints might be just what you are looking for.


If you are toying with the idea of yellow and your home décor is quite neutral, then you may prefer to do this slowly to see whether you like it or not. Accessories are always a great way to add bold splashes of colour to your home, and yellow is no exception. You can instantly transform your lounge with the simple addition of some vibrant yellow throw cushions or even some floaty yellow drapes which would be the perfect summer accessory for any room. Ceramics are also a great way to add colour to a room and of course easy to move around a room until you are happy with the effect.

If you are thinking of adding yellow to a kitchen, especially a monochrome one then be bold and change your lighting, bold yellow painted metal light shades will really make a design statement over a dining table or kitchen island without being too overwhelming. Team it with yellow seating for a really coordinated vibrant look that will add the perfect amount of yellow without having everyone reaching for their sunglasses.


If you prefer to jump right in there with yellow and repaint an entire room, then it is a good idea to consider all the shades of yellow that are available before choosing the one to go on your walls. Paler shades of yellow will probably work better on your walls than very bright shades. Bright could be too much, especially in a very small room. Yellow will really help to lift a room and make it seem really bright and airy.

Before you start to put colour on the walls, consider the bigger picture. There is nothing wrong with a beautiful yellow room, but it is important to team it up carefully with complementary colours. These will really set of your yellow walls to their full advantage. Paler yellow shades team really well with florals. Or, other pale shades – especially greens and other colours synonymous with spring. Brighter yellow is a wonderful contrast between white and black accessories and furnishing, creating a really contemporary look in your home.

Whatever shade of yellow you do choose to add, and however you choose to do it, be confident and experiment with adding that real splash of sunshine to your home. With so many shades to choose from the perfect yellow is just around the corner waiting for you.

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