Bring Positive Energy Into Your Home With These Simple Tips

For positive energy and a boost in potential good luck for your home, take a look at these simple tips.

The feel of a home very much comes from the happiness of the people who live inside it. However, there are some things that can be done to boost the way the home feels overall. Based on years of combined philosophy, minimalist theories and attitudes, and a good approach to home decor, here are simple tips to help you welcome luck and positive energy into your home:

positive energy

Decluttering Works

Decluttering appears to be the very first step in a lot of approaches to boosting the appeal of any home. Most decor styles lean themselves on a minimalist approach.

 Decluttering is also known to be good for mental health, with the saying: ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ standing the test of time.

Declutter your things box by box if that is easier to manage. Or, do it all in one go, transforming your home over a weekend. Use storage spaces like affordable self storage to help create more space in your home if you want to own less, but you can’t sell certain things. Remember to compare self storage prices in your area to make sure you get the best deal.

Whatever your approach is, you will feel great after decluttering which is an easy win when boosting positive vibes in the home.

Cleaning Helps

Think of cleaning as cleansing your space. It makes a place feel cared for, and fresh. For positive new beginnings, cleaning is essential. It’s a way to care for your home, and therefore, care for yourself.

How About Hygge?

Hygge is a Scandinavian term that is about making special moments in the home. Often it is associated with cosiness and sharing special times with loved ones.

To boost your chance of getting hygge try:

  • Boosting social spaces
  • Making your home extra welcoming with lots of comfy decor and inviting hangout areas
  • Inviting friends and family over more
  • Utilising all areas of the home for special hangout areas

…Or Feng Shui

If you don’t fancy hygge you could try a bit of Feng shui which is very much about the boosting of good energy in the home. The philosophy around Feng shui is deep but, the basics of it relate to nurturing a space to be as closely in tune with nature as possible. Try the following to boost your Feng shui at home:

  • Boost natural light as much as possible
  • Make the porch or space where guests come in as clean and welcoming as possible
  • Introduce plenty of plants and water features too if you can

Feng shui has a lot to it but a few simple adjustments can definitely help you create better energy in your home with little effort.

Colours & Smells

Colours and smells have a huge influence on how we feel in our home. Smells are known to be associated with memories and emotions.

Perhaps you could boost your home with energetic scents like gingers, limes and orange. If you want more of a calm, relaxed tone, try vanilla or ylang ylang.

With colour, neutrals are a great option for any house. They allow you to take a blank space and introduce new colours and textures in the form of soft furnishings that are easily removable until you find the right vibe for your family.

These easy and simple tips are a great start to boosting the positive vibes in your home. Every home is different and it is important to experiment until you find what makes your family home feel wonderful. Whether you make huge changes, or minor adjustments, you’re sure to have more positive energy in your home soon.

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