Large Bay Windows, How to Dress Them Best

One of those stunning features that you get with any older property, although you can find them in some more modern larger properties, is stunning big bay windows. They let in a huge amount of light and can really make your home feel light and airy, and the bay effect helps to really open up a room. For many people this can be just one of the features that makes them fall in love with a property.

It isn’t until you move in that you realise just how tricky it can be to dress a large bay window. Not only are they much larger than many modern windows, and therefore difficult to buy readymade curtains for, but they are such a big part of a room that it can be easy to go wrong with your window dressing choices.


There are a number of things to take into consideration when looking at window dressings for your bay windows and one of these is privacy. Whilst bay windows are truly stunning privacy can be a major concern with such large windows allow passers by to peer into your property. Shutters offer a stunning rather sleek and elegant solution to this problem, they let in plenty of light but can help to shield from unwanted gazes. Paint them the same colour as your window frames and they blend in allowing the beauty of those bays to really shine.

Tier-on-tier shutters are a very versatile option that you may want to consider, they afford you the option to open just a part of the shutter, allowing the light to flood into your room whilst still maintaining your privacy.

Made to measure

If you want to use curtains to dress a large bay window, then the best way to do this is go for made to measure. Curtain rails for bay windows can be very expensive, a cheaper and more unique option is to fit a separate pole at each window. This will allow you to fit multiple smaller curtains rather than one large heavy pair. With the addition of tie back hooks for each individual curtain you will be able to create a look that is extremely sophisticated.

A narrow pelmet at the top of the window will help to draw the eyes upward and give the illusion of height to the room.

Blinds and Curtains

Neutral coloured roman blinds in combination with light floaty curtains or a thick luxurious curtain combined with a bold coloured roman blind can create an effect in your windows that is visually stunning and very practical. A blind in each window of your bay will allow you to close them independently which is very handy when the sun is shinning in, this negates the need to close your curtains blocking off too much light. Whether you choose a lighter floaty curtain that is more for decoration or a thicker curtain that will help to keep drafts out in the winter this is a practical yet incredibly beautiful way to dress your bay windows.

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