5 Ways to Bring a Pop of Colour into your Bathroom

If you want to update your bathroom without breaking the bank don’t despair because there are easy ways you can fake a makeover.

The bathroom is traditionally a rather sparse room, free of clutter with good clean lines, but this doesn’t mean it has to be boring. One of the best ways to give your bathroom a whole new feel and look is by introducing colour. Study the home style catalogues to get a feel of which colours are on trend or just go with how you feel and what your personal preferences are.

1 Add Focus to the Floor

If your bathroom is on the small side then concentrate on the floor coverings. Ceramic floor tiles are a good choice for the practicality and ease of cleaning and these usually come in an array of natural colours. Liven them up with a colourful non-slip mat and choose a colour that coordinates or complements your accessories.

2 Accent Wall

Nothing looks cooler in an all white bathroom than an accent wall in a really vibrant colour. Experiment with hot reds or sunny yellows. Go jungle exotic with emerald green. Whichever wall you choose should be the main focus of the bathroom – the one opposite the door is ideal. Your accent wall doesn’t have to be painted either. You could choose to create a classical look with porcelain tiles with a mosaic or marbled pattern.

3 Coordinate your Accessories

You don’t need to go overboard with colour if you are the type who prefers a more muted look. Small pops of colour are just as effective. For example, towels, shower scrunchies and face flannels come in all the colours of the rainbow and the best thing is that they are relatively cheap to buy. And if you get them in different colours you can swap them around to suit your mood. You can even colour match your bath toiletries with an array of colourful bath bombs, shower gels and soaps. This way you get cheery colours as well as glorious scents.

4 Create an Art Gallery

Depending on the size of your bathroom and of course on your personal taste you can be subtle or go as crazy as you like when it comes to art. You could hang several small pictures together – pull them all together by putting them in frames of the same bright colour. Or you could choose to go with just one large abstract piece of art featuring bright colours – this is especially striking on a pale background. However you choose to decorate your bathroom with art make sure you choose water resistant frames and canvasses to avoid your pieces becoming soggy.

5 Create an Indoor Garden

Green is one of the freshest colours there is; it can create a soothing environment or it can liven up a scene with neon shades. Keep it simple with a few foliage pieces in a vase or, if you have the space, exotic palms are very effective. For ease of maintenance use artificial plants rather than the real thing.

Even in a small space colour is never off-limits.  

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