Bringing the outside in – the benefits of plant life indoors

Ah, the great outdoors! Fresh air, open vistas, peace and quiet… Yet for many of us, it’s not possible to get outdoors as much as we’d like. Office hours and winter daylight mean we arrive at work in the dark and leave again long after sunset.

The next best thing is to bring the outdoors to you. Even just hanging a few posters of glorious vistas can lift your mood and reduce anxiety. Real plant life has the best effect – and here are a few reasons why:

  1. Plants improve air quality

Plants give us the oxygen that we need to breath, converting carbon dioxide and sunlight into food for themselves and our clean air. Many plants can also reduce levels of toxins by filtering the air and trapping the toxins on or in their leaves.

  1. Edible plants keep on giving

There are plenty of plants that are easy to grow on a windowsill, such as herbs and lettuces. These will give you a boost of vitamins in the middle of the dark days. There’s something especially tasty about eating something you’ve grown yourself. If you have a bit more space, such as a conservatory, then you can even think about growing perennial fruit trees or grape vines indoors.

  1. Caring for plants helps you focus

Even the easiest care plant needs a little water and attention from time to time and by training yourself to look after a plant you allow yourself to open up your nurturing side. This, in turn, improves your ability to focus on other tasks.

  1. Plants look great

Flowering plants can create a pop of colour to cheer up even the bleakest day, or alternatively, a large structural plant can create a focal point. There are as many different types of plants as there are ways of using them. Small plants can be grouped together to make interesting displays, juxtaposing different leaf shapes or textures. Trailing plants can be used to soften the edges of windowsills or shelves. You can even use plants to cover up imperfections if you haven’t got time to redecorate!

  1. Plants change with the seasons

Living in a city it can be difficult to really know what time of year it is. After all, not much changes on the Tube except maybe it’s a tiny bit hotter (if that’s possible) in the summer. Plants always know what time of year it is, and as the year goes on they keep changing and growing – keeping you in touch with reality.

  1. Plants smell nice

Flowering plants can have rich, strong perfumes that mask nasty odours. But, even green plants have a particular earthy smell. Just being able to breathe in the scent of plants can help you relax and calm down. This can improve your performance at work and your quality of sleep at night. Plants can also help improve concentration and memory – just by being on your desk or windowsill!

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