Sharing a Storage Unit With a Friend – Is It a Smart Thing to Do?

People are social beings – we are meant to do things in a group. Traveling, partying, eating, drinking, etc., are all things we should do with a friend. However, that is a whole other story when it comes to obligations. And today, we will talk about sharing a storage unit with a friend. This can be an intelligent thing to do (if you do not have a lot of items) as you will be able to save some money.

On the other hand, this may also be one of the worst things to do as you may start fighting with your friend about responsibilities, space, costs, etc.

So, before you decide to do this, think about all the pros and cons. Moreover, think about whether that friend is trustworthy and responsible enough. 

The Location 

Choosing the best storage unit for yourself means choosing one that meets all of your needs, one that suits your budget, and one that is near you. The first two are, of course, a must for both you and your friend with whom you plan on sharing that storage. But, what about the third one? If you and your friend live close to each other, picking a storage unit will be easy as both of you will look for something nearby.

But, what if you and your friend live too far from each other? The best thing you can do than look for something halfway from both of you. If you do not need to access your stuff often, this will not be a problem, but if you do, it will. Just think about how annoying it would be to drive for an hour to grab something from that storage once or twice a week.
When planning to share a storage unit with a friend, always think about the location.

The Size and Paying the Bills 

Before you start looking for storage units with your friend, first, you need to decide how big you need that storage to be. Of course, that depends on the amount of stuff both of you have. But, what if one of you has many more things than the other? How will you divide the space inside the storage, and more importantly, how will you divide the costs? These questions must be answered before you sign the contract. Do not postpone them because discussing finances with a friend can be uncomfortable.

Moreover, you must also make a contract of your own! There, you should write down how much space each of you is entitled to have in that unit and how much money you must pay at the end of the month. If your friend rejects doing this, abort the mission! This red flag only means that you will be the one paying for the storage and getting the short end of the stick at the end of the month. 

The Key Keeper 

When you sign a contract, the storage facility owner will provide you with a key. Only one key! And, in most cases, that key cannot be copied. This raises a problem as there are two of you. So, who gets that one key? If you are moving in with that friend, this will be easy. If your roommate is your friend who will share the unit with you, you will keep the key in an agreed place in the apartment. But, if this is not the case, it is best to give the key to the friend who needs to use the storage the most. However, if you both need to use it and there is no way to get two copies of the key for the sake of your friendship, do not look for storage to share.
When sharing a storage unit with a friend, deciding who gets to keep the key may cause many problems in your friendship.

All the Documents 

Most of the storage facilities and warehouses owners require only one name on the lease. However, it does not hurt to ask whether both you and your friend can sign. If you can, great, but if you cannot, you have to sit down and discuss who gets to sign all the documents. It is essential because the person who signs the papers will be held responsible for whatever happens. That person will be called and asked to come and pay the fine (if necessary). Imagine if you have signed the lease and your friend violates the rules by deciding to store forbidden items, you will be the one getting called and fined. Thus, think twice before you sign anything, and most importantly, think twice before choosing a friend to share storage with!
Be careful when signing a contract, especially with your friend.

Respecting the Personal Space – Crucial When Sharing a Storage Unit With a Friend

Let’s face it – having too much storage inside your home is just impossible. That is why we rent storage units – to provide us with more space for our belongings that we do not use frequently. However, just because those belongings are in a storage unit does not mean they are not dear to you. You do not want anything wrong to happen to them. And, as long as you packed them properly and stored them according to the storage facility’s rules, be sure that they are safe.

But, when you are sharing a storage unit with a friend, another person who has the key, you cannot be entirely sure about the safety and wellbeing of your items. Thus, if you still want to do this, be sure you do it with a responsible friend, respectful of other people’s personal space. Moreover, be sure you are also the one respecting your friend’s personal space too! Split the area inside, and do not cross the line!

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