8 Unconventional Items That Make Great Home Décor

There are plenty of options to pick from among decorative items available to homeowners. People have always tried to pretty up their homes and make the neighborhood envy them. However, many people are more interested in using exciting or unique items that were not originally meant to be decorations! And if you like doing so yourself, you are likely always on the lookout for new things to try out and fit into the puzzle that is your home. Well, to help you find some inspiration, we have prepared a list of 8 unconventional items that make great home décor!

Sand art sculptures

Sand art is not exactly new, but its transient nature makes a unique unconventional item to use as décor. Just the slightest wrong nudge of its container could ruin the entire ‘sculpture.’ Of course, there are also sand sculptures that consist of layers of colored sand trapped in glass. They are not as unique, but they can be just as pretty. Especially since, by manipulating their container, you can shift the shape of the layers and create new décor for your home each time.

Colored sand art


Not many people consider putting up postcards of places they have visited. However, they are fascinating, items that make excellent home décor. They often have some lovely art on them. And every one of them is even more meaningful since you would have obtained them during trips and vacations you’d gone on yourself. They would not just be a way to pretty up your home, but an excuse to reminisce and remember all the fun you had.

Vintage items

Vintage items can be some of the best unconventional items that make great home décor. Take, for example, old record players. They can look very classy, and if you have a record collection, you can even entertain your visitors with them. Of course, you can use nearly any vintage item to your advantage. A collection of old smoking pipes is another example of making a unique visual display, especially since they were often decorated in elaborate and beautiful ways.

A record player

A plasma globe

Sometimes also called Tesla Balls, plasma globes are a fascinating invention by the genius inventor Nikola Tesla. They typically look like nothing more than glass spheres. However, when touched, electricity arks from the center of the sphere move to wherever you are touching the glass. The display can even look somewhat intimidating, but it is perfectly safe. It makes plasma globes an exciting display item and an excellent party attraction or conversation starter. They are also not that expensive or difficult to obtain, making them relatively accessible yet exotic.

Moving boxes

It might seem odd, but moving boxes can become pretty good decorations. If you have recently moved into your new home, you probably have some spare cardboard boxes. Also, when packing unusual items and things that are not that easy to pack, the boxes required are often quite large. It would leave you with plenty of material to engage in some arts and crafts! You can make nearly anything out of boxes, and it can all be done relatively easily through simple steps! You can make picture frames, ornaments, or mosaics, for instance. It can be an excellent way to unwind and de-stress after a move if you have kids. As a bonus to quality family bonding time, you would have gotten your hands on some lovely unconventional items that make great home décor.

Resin art

Resin art is a relatively new way of making fascinating sculptures. Typically, it would consist of wood fused in some way with clear or colored resin. The result is both artistically appealing and natural-looking at the same time. It can even be used as a great way to implement nature in your home office and make it a more productive space! However, if the natural feeling is not to your liking, there are alternatives! Another form of resin art is capturing and preserving something in resin in interesting ways. One of the most notable examples is a YouTuber making a gaming table out of old Pokémon handheld consoles he had trapped in resin. It shows how many different ways you can use resin to customize your home and express your artistic preference.

Resin art

Decorative weapons

It is unusual, if not a bit archaic, but it is a fantastic option to use decorative weapons in your home! Weapons deemed decorative are typically modeled after ancient weaponry such as swords or spears. They are, of course, not usable for fighting or even hurting someone. The most they can be are blunt instruments. However, they are styled up and artistically crafted to look appealing while giving the illusion of being real weapons. It makes them a fun option for trying to make your rental feel like home, too, since you can hang them up without needing to do anything remodeling and then take them down and pack them up when you decide to leave the place.


Masks are definitely among the unconventional items that make incredible home décor! There is absolutely nothing constraining the possible design of a mask. You can have a Victorian ball-themed mask or collect Venetian-style masks. There are creepy, pretty, or even practical masks, and you can effectively use them as coronavirus prevention measures. And there is absolutely nothing stopping you from collecting them and putting them up as decorative pieces. The only slightly troubling fact is that quality masks can often be expensive. But there is always the option of picking up some crafts skills and making what you want all by yourself!

Final word

We hope you like our list of 8 unconventional items that make great home décor! If you do, you might feel tempted to procure some of these items yourself. If not, we hope it has inspired you and given you ideas of what you can try out.

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