Shipping Containers Make Great, Cheap Storage

Shipping containers are primarily used for transporting goods across the world, but these massive vessels are now becoming an increasingly popular choice for every day storage of personal belongings.

Whether you’re downsizing, renovating or moving house and need a temporary solution or you just need additional space for stashing prized possession that no longer fit in your home, there’s a lot to be said for choosing a shipping container to keep everything safe and secure.

Vast Amounts of Storage

If you’re looking to store a large amount of stuff all in one go or perhaps you plan to fill it up over time, shipping containers can be the perfect solution according to Cambridge Self Storage. They offer a vast amount of storage space, and whilst dimensions can vary, when stacked correctly they can hold a huge volume of items. For example, a 20 feet by 40 feet container can easily provide over 33,000 cubic feet of storage space, so just think of everything you could house in it.

Incredibly Secure

The whole design of shipping containers is that they’re robust and secure enough to be shipped and handled all around the world, so when it comes to finding a safe and sturdy location for storing valuable items, whether it’s a vintage car, antique furniture or an entire household, you can have peace of mind that a shipping container not only has bags of room, but a design that should keep everything locked away safely and protected from the elements.

Versatile storage options

The other fantastic thing about using shipping containers as storage is that they’re incredibly versatile too. You can rent or buy shipping containers to store items at a storage facility, but if you’re looking for a cost effective way to add additional storage space to your home and you have the room, they’re also transportable and can even be converted into a usable space for a workshop or garage, further down the line if you want.

Adaptable Space

In the same vein as versatile usage, with such a large space, you can also make your own modifications to suit your storage purposes. This could be adding roof ventilation to prevent condensation build up and help to keep it cooler during the warmer seasons. Or you can even install shelving units to keep more fragile items up off the floor and to make your storage more orderly. This means that if you ever need to get any items out of storage, you can find things more easily and be sure they’re not going to have been damaged by being on the floor.

Cost Effective

Whatever you’re planning to store in a shipping container, you’ll want to make sure it’s a cost effective solution and with shipping containers you’ll find just that. Built to last and withstand heavy use, these can prove to be a good long-term storage solution and come at very affordable rates whether you’re renting or buying the shipping container.

You can now clearly see that there are many reasons you should be considering using shipping containers for storage.

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