Top 6 Home Improvement Ideas

Home improvement figures soared in 2021 due to the pandemic due to working from home and furlough. Not only did this mean more people were at their homes more regularly, this also meant that more money was saved and invested in areas like home improvement which wouldn’t have normally been spent on the home. 

We have conducted a list of the top ideas and trends to be aware of for the rest of this year!

  1. Swimming Pool

If you have the budget to consider a pool, it’s a good option to look at. You can look at both indoor and outdoor options although if you are based in the UK it may be worth considering the extra for an indoor pool as you can use this all year round, even during the bad weather in the winter months, it is usable.

  1. Eco Friendly & Energy Efficient 

With more emphasis being put on the idea of an eco-friendly household, it’s important to look at how this affects the environment. Common ideas include upgrading your boiler, insulation and solar panels which help generate electricity and power. Not only is this a good way to help save the environment, it can also have a super positive affect on your bills, reducing the amount you pay each month. 

  1. Garden Spaces

When inviting guests over, garden spaces are vital. Particularly during the summer months it’s a good idea to give your garden a clear out and also invest in new furniture and decor to spruce the area up. If you have the budget to do so you may even want to consider a patio or decking, which opens up the space nicely for more seating. 

  1. Kitchen Renovation

With more people spending time at home throughout lockdown and into the new normal, it’s no wonder the amount of kitchen renovations is increasing year on year. Whether you want to opt for a super modern kitchen style or something more traditional, there are so many different styles to choose from. A new kitchen can also make a huge difference to the overall look of your house and adds character. 

  1. Extensions

Not only can an extension provide you with additional space at your home, it also helps increase the value. The most common type of extensions include conservatories, an extra bedroom and loft conversions. This is a good idea to explore if your current home doesn’t fit all your requirements but has the space to expand and develop. 

You may want to also consider contacting your local roofing company Wiltshire if you want to look at roofing options for your extension. High quality materials are key to the longevity of you roof and overall extension. 

  1. Home Office

You knew this one was coming – if you are now working from home a few days a week or even full time, you will want to ensure you have a suitable home office that allows you to separate work life from home life. Your office doesn’t just have to be a boring desk and computer – use it as an opportunity to bring your personality into the room and be creative!

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