Inspiring Ways to Display Artwork in Your Home

Art is what turns a simple real estate listing into a lovely, inviting home. Families express their lifestyles through art and show their décor preferences. However, not only the choice of art pieces tells the story. It’s also about how you display that art. Creative ways of showing the art to the visitors can completely change how they look and give a unique feel to your home. Here are the most inspiring ways to display artwork in your home and make it stand out even more.

Pick the right frame

When picking the right frame for a special painting in your home, keep in mind it’s more than just a way to hang an art piece on a wall. Indeed, picture frames have a practical and protective role, but there’s more to them. Frames are the way you present an art piece and affect the whole experience of enjoying art. To find the best match, don’t look solely at the painting, but the surroundings, too. Find a frame that matches the aesthetics and color in the room. This will help it blend perfectly into the home decor and bring the most focus to the art piece it’s protecting.

Display artwork in your room by placing it directly above furniture.

Use a shelf for smaller paintings or photos

Photos and paintings don’t need to be always hung on the wall. You can use photo shelves that are very practical and give various options. One of the main benefits is that you don’t need to make holes in the wall. Furthermore, you can arrange frames in so many different ways, change them whenever you feel bored and even add some other art pieces or décor items. Play with your imagination and create a shelf gallery that will inspire you to always be in a great mood when you enter the room.

Create a gallery wall

If there’s an empty wall in your home, you can use it as one of the most inspiring ways to display artwork in your home. Gallery walls are perfect for so many different types of art, as you can display photographs, drawings, paintings, and postersor even mix them. It’s a versatile way to display art; if you do it right, it can even become the central part of the room.

Tips on making a great gallery wall in your home

An eye-catching gallery wall will always follow a color palette, a theme, or dynamic. How you create a gallery wall will depend on the surroundings and the effect you want to make. It can take some time until you figure out the colors, style, and items you’ll include in your selection. However, we want to share some tips that can help you make a stunning gallery wall in your home and display your art pieces in the best way possible:

  • Make a connection between the art pieces – it can be a theme, color palette, or size. This will help you achieve a cohesive look that makes sense.
  • Mix and match – indeed, you can always go for a perfectly symmetrical gallery wall where frames are all of the exact sizes. However, if that’s not the case, always carefully mix vertical and horizontal items. Also, mix the frame styles and sizes well, so you don’t have many of the same ones close to each other.
  • Draw a layout first – make sure you have an idea of what your gallery wall will look like before you start making holes in the wall. Draw the layout first, or simply arrange the frames on the floor to see if you need to make any changes before drilling.
  • Add other décor items – you can make your gallery wall even more interesting if you add additional items such as mirrors, word art, a cool street sign, baskets, plants, etc. These can be a perfect way to complete a theme you picked for your gallery wall. However, always be careful with breakables, especially if you’re packing them for moving into a new home. Art pieces are often delicate and very valuable, so any relocations bring the risk of damage.
décor items on a shelf.

Get creative

Not all the art pieces should be on the wall. Some unusual items can help you display artwork in your home. For example, a cookbook stand is a great way to display a small-sized drawing or print. Next, plate stands are not only used for china. Use them as an artwork stand in your cabinet or your kitchen. Get creative and turn a simple print into an unusual art display.

Use light to your advantage

A big, unique art piece deserves a special place in your home. However, some pieces will not receive enough attention even in the most central location. Put them under the spotlight by using appropriate art lights. The type of light and its intensity will depend on the artwork itself, but also the surroundings. However, some tips will help you create a perfect spotlight for a favorite art piece:

  • Use the approximate 30-degree angle so you can reduce reflections or glare
  • Pick the light and its intensity depending on the type of art – these can be different for oil paintings, prints, sculptures, etc.
  • Make sure the art light perfectly blends with the rest of the light sources in the room – it should be a bit more intensive than the ambient light in the room.

Art pairing

Apart from the solo presentation, you can combine two art pieces into a perfect display. Even though there are only two items, they can create a harmonious collection and tell a story together. However, you need to make sure these two have a connection or compliment each other in any way. The same color palette, size, or theme should be the features that connect these two. You can even pick the two art pieces from the same collection of an artist. For a perfect balance, these two pieces should be the same size and have the same frames.

two photos in frames above a blue sofa.

Consider all the space’s features when finding a perfect way to display artwork in your home. Natural light, the size of the rooms, and the overall aesthetics play a significant role in choosing the art pieces and how they are showcased to the visitors.

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